The Pros and Cons of Competition


In this week’s show, Eric Worre talks about the pros and cons of competition and how competition, when used appropriately, can help you grow your business.

As Eric explains there can be a good side to healthy competition in this business. If you are like him and a competitive person by nature, then a little competition can really propel you into action because you like to win. For example, Eric tells a story of when he first got started in Network Marketing, there was a little competition amongst his team to see who could bring the most people to the next regional training event. He had only been with the company for 3 weeks, but he was determined to win, and he called everyone he knew to get them to the event. He did win, and received a hundred dollar bill for his efforts. That type of healthy competition is what drove him in the early stages through some of the ranks.

If you are a competitive person, sometimes you need to create a little competition to help motivate you. Such as, find someone at the same rank as you and create a little contest to see who will advance quickest, or who will bring the most people to the next convention, or who will add the most people in the next 30 days. As Eric tells us, you can use competition to create kind of an artificial reason to do the things you should be doing anyways. He further explains that you can also do this with your group… find out who in your team is driven by competition and use that to help catapult them to the next level, much like a sibling rivalry. For example, is Person A is getting ready for the next rank and so is Person B, spur a little rivalry between them to see who will get there first.

Eric warns us though, always do it in the name of fun and to drive enthusiasm, and not to cause hurt or negative feelings. Because the flip side of this equation is some people have negative feelings towards competitions. Some react negatively or feel pushed into doing something they aren’t ready to, nor want to. This can also be dangerous if the competition becomes close to comparing. Not everyone comes from the same background, or is bringing the same life experiences to the table, so it is important for it to be fun, and not make anyone feel it is a comparison of their efforts to others.

In conclusion competition can be good. It was for Eric, and it can be for some people in your organization, maybe even for you. There’s nothing like fun competition so long as it’s not mean spirited. Use it if they’re driven by little short term goals as leverage to get more action, more activity, help them face their fears and insecurities and take action.