Questions Are More Important than Facts

Questions Are More Important than Facts

What is one thing that separates the average person in Network Marketing from the superstars? Most people think that superstars are these silver-tongued professionals who have an answer for everything, can deliver the facts with passion, and inspire people with their incredible knowledge and wisdom. But they’re wrong. The thing that differentiates the superstars from the average is their ability to ask questions.

Questions are the key. Rather than telling someone all the facts and reasons for why what you have is great, it’s much better to ask questions. Ask them if they’ve ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, if they’ve tried in the past, or if they want to make a better living. When you ask questions, you can collaborate, build rapport, and build trust. Then, when the time comes, you can lead them to an opportunity that might be a fit for them. But only after you ask some questions.

What amateurs do every single day is immediately start telling their prospects all the facts about the comp plan, the company, the product, the opportunity, etc. The professionals ask questions, and then they lead those people to the answers.

So, get better at asking questions. Get better at being curious about someone else’s situation. Be more interested in their experiences, life, journey, and thought process than trying to have all the answers. If you ask questions, you don’t have to be an expert. That’s what makes this work so well. When you ask questions, you can find out what’s in someone else’s mind, and you can collaborate and act almost like a consultant to guide them to a solution to their need.

After you’ve done all of that, then you can ask the best question in all of Network Marketing: If I, would you? If I could show you how to solve that problem, would you take a look? People don’t care about the facts. Pay more attention to asking questions and guiding people as a consultant, friend, colleague, and someone who could lead them to a solution. That’s what differentiates superstars from the average. So, walk away from average and ask more questions.