Ready, Set, Go Distributors!

Ready Set Go Distributors

By Eric Worre

You will never succeed in Network Marketing if all you do is sign up distributor after distributor. You could sign up 30 new distributors in a month, but if those new people don’t get started right in this profession, you’ll lose almost all of them after a month or two.

Get your distributors started right. Only then will your retention rates go up, and you’ll see some real and consistent growth in your business.

So, here are five steps to get your new distributors started off right.

Step 1 – Validation

Validate their decision to join Network Marketing. This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s amazing how many people just gloss over it. You don’t have to spend a long time on this step. But take a moment to congratulate your new distributor for joining and say something about how they have now taken control of their life. Reassure them that they have made the right decision.

By doing this, you’ll ease any lasting doubts your new distributors might have and make them feel good about their decision.

Step 2 – Set Their Expectations

Unrealistic expectations are one of the biggest reasons why new distributors drop out. They come in with this idea of what Network Marketing will be like, and when that doesn’t happen, they bail. So, your job is to make sure they know what to expect.

In addition to the usual sentiments that this profession is not easy and is not a get-rich-quick scheme, there are a few other things you should tell your new distributors.

SuccessTell them that their success or failure is all up to them. You are not there to make sure they succeed. You are there to help guide them and work with them, not for them. They are in charge of their own success. If they fail, they were the ones who created the failure. If they succeed, they created their own success.

Second, your job is to help your new distributors become independent of you as quickly as possible. If your distributors completely rely on you to tell them what to do or how to do things, then they will never be able to build a business on their own. And you’ll be dragged down by them as well. When your distributors are completely dependent on you, you become their slave, not their teacher. So, make sure they know that eventually they will have to work independently.

Third, let your distributors know that there will be good and bad times, and sometimes they may feel like giving up. Make sure they know that you will be there for them if they want, and you can help guide them through the tough times.

Step 3 – Make Sure They’re Prepared

Go through a checklist with your distributors to make sure they have everything they need to get started and succeed. Some examples are:

  • Make sure they have an appropriate supply of products. Get your distributors on the path to become raving fans of the product, and make sure they have samples for demonstrations.
  • Give your new distributors the appropriate tools. Third-party tools can help one build a large and successful business. So, make sure your distributors have the proper tools to help them through the exposure process with new prospects.
  • Make sure your new distributors get connected. Show them how to find things on the company website, where upcoming events are, when leadership calls are conducted, etc.
  • Explain the compensation plan so that your distributors have at least a basic understanding of it. They don’t need all the details, but they should be able to know what will happen financially as they move through the first few levels.
  • Teach them how to properly invite their prospects to hear more about what they have to offer. Your distributors will have a better time getting started if they at least know how the professional invitation process works.

Step 4 – Create a Game Plan Together

A Line Between Success and FailureSit down with your new distributor and hash out a plan for how they will get through the first few ranks and then challenge them to do it quickly. You don’t have to figure out how they will reach their ultimate goals. Just figure out how they can get through those first hurdles and meet smaller goals. Think about how they will get their first customer and distributor. Encourage them to attend their first company event. And figure out the steps they will need to take to earn that first commission check.

If your new distributors can get results quickly, then they’ll be more likely to continue. A game plan will help them get that quick start.

Step 5 – Give them an Assignment

New distributors crave direction, so give them a simple assignment to start off with. Make sure you give them a deadline, too. This assignment will get them to start working on their game plan and also help them get over the line.

When someone gets started, there is always a line between success and failure. On one side of the line, it’s easier to quit than to continue. On the other side of the line, it’s easier to continue than to quit.

So, give them an assignment that will help them get over the line towards success. This can be something like getting their first customer or distributor or even proclaiming their intentions to the world.