Recognize the Unsung Heroes in Your Business

Recognize the Unsung Heroes in Your Business

By Eric Worre

small-townEvery Network Marketing company is like its own small town.  And like any small town, it doesn’t take much to build a reputation as a screw-up, rude person, or class clown.  Everyone in the town knows who those people are, and the gossip around the table is usually consumed by their latest antics.  What we often forget is that inside every company, every town, there are some very hardworking and diligent employees that are doing some great things every day.  However, these unsung heroes don’t get the recognition, encouragement, and support that they deserve.

We take notice when someone messes up and we have to fix their mistakes.  We yell, get upset, and berate the offender.  But we don’t notice when someone doesn’t make any mistakes.  We just go about our day like nothing has happened and collect our commissions.

Our company would not be where it is today if not for the people who work every day.  We would not be successful without the unsung heroes in our business, whether they are in the company’s home office or a newly recruited distributor.

flowersRecognize the Unsung Heroes

So, here is my challenge for you today, single out the special people in your company.  Let those people know how much you appreciate them and how great they are doing.  And let others know.  Tell their supervisors or the CEO that you have noticed how great a job their employee is doing.  Get loud about recognizing, encouraging, and supporting the people behind the scenes that allow you to do what you do in Network Marketing.  Do something outrageous, over-the-top, for them.  Remember birthdays, send pizza to the department, send flowers, send an encouraging email.  Even better, tell your team to each send something to them recognizing that person’s greatness.  You’ll find that as you serve and take care of your community, the community will serve you.

And remember that critical, negative emails and words can be damaging to anyone even the CEOs.  Everyone might not have unlimited potential, but they have unlimited heart and determination.  So even when they make a mistake, be kind, and give them recognition for the achievements they do make.

In this small town that is Network Marketing, let’s all be good citizens.  Make somebody’s day today.  Do something outrageous for an unsung hero in your home office.  You’ll feel good about it.  They’ll feel good about it.  And it’ll be good for the small town.