Recruiting Unlocks the Power of Network Marketing

You have to recruit people to (a) buy your products, and (b) join your organization. The RECRUITING MASTERY SYSTEM teaches you exactly HOW to prospect, recruit, sell, and become a better leader....

Originally recorded at our life-changing Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event, this online home study course contains critical information that will help you accelerate your learning curve and turn your dreams into reality.

  • Build unshakable confidence and blast through your doubts and fears
  • How to deal with negative friends & family
  • How to never run out of quality prospects
  • Create a large and growing customer group
  • Recruit any time and any day you choose
  • Create massive duplication
  • Become an effective leader
  • Includes 20 hours of in-depth skills based training, plus a follow-along guide.

With this Recruiting Mastery System, you will learn necessary skills, proper mindset, and action steps from the top leaders of the Network Marketing profession! You won’t find anything else with the same advice from such powerful and influential entrepreneurs.

Learn From Top Leaders in The Profession

You will hear from top earners and leaders in our profession such as Tom Chenault, Hayley Hobson, Gloria Mayfield Banks, Brian Carruthers, Jordan Adler, and many more – PLUS you will even get a bonus session from Sir Richard Branson where you will glean insights on Entrepreneurship and valuable Business Building advice.

Eric Worre

Eric Worre with Play Like A Pro

Eric opens up the event by discussing the current trends of the Network Marketing profession and the purpose of the three-day event.

John Addison

John Addison on Taking Charge of Your Life

There are only two things you can control in life: your attitude and your activity. John talks about how to find success by creating the right attitude and taking action.

Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson with the Circle of Success

Donna talks about the importance of properly representing the profession and explains the skills needed to find success.

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins on the Power of 5 Second Decisions

Mel explains her 5 Second Rule and shows how to change your life and business by deciding to act.

Jeff Roberti

Jeff Roberti on Being a Better Version of You

You are the best recruiting tool in this business. Jeff shares how to get past excuses, finding your why, and focusing on serving others.

Jayne Leach

Jayne Leach on How to Handle a NO

Jane shares how to get past the feeling of rejection when someone tells you NO and learn how to turn those NOs into a YES.

Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler on Two Concepts that Make a Huge Difference

Jordan explains how dream stretching and untethering are the two things that will make a huge difference in your life and business.

Eric Worre

Eric Worre with Million Dollar Mindset

Eric talks about how to think like an entrepreneur and see obstacles as an opportunity.

Terje Duesund

Terje Duesund on Being a Successful Leader

Terje shares the qualities of a successful leader including being full of passion and leading by example.

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson on Communicating with Kindness

What we say can sometimes be misinterpreted based on the way we say it. Hayley shows how communicating with confidence and kindness can make you exceptional.

Tom Chenault

Tom Chenault on the 7 Rules of Life

Tom shares his thoughts on how we can make the Network Marketing profession better and his rules for becoming the best entrepreneur you can be.

Calvin Becerra

Calvin Becerra with What’s Your Story?

Everyone has a story and the world deserves to hear it. Calvin talks about the importance of sharing your story.

Sir Richard Branson

An Interview with Sir Richard Branson

Eric sits down with Sir Richard Branson as they discuss the qualities of an entrepreneur, how to deal with failure, and more.

Gloria Mayfield Banks

Gloria Mayfield Banks with You Are Entitled

Entitlement is not a negative thing. Gloria explains that you have to believe that you are inherently deserving of success in order to have success.

Eric Worre

Eric Worre on Investing in Yourself

The Network Marketing profession doesn’t require a college degree, but that doesn’t mean you can stop learning. Eric discusses the importance of investing in your personal development.

Dr. Gary ‘Skip’ Campbell

Dr. Gary ‘Skip’ Campbell on Unplugging People

As a Network Marketer, you have to have a desire to unplug the people around you from continuing to live their lives as society dictates. But you also have to realize that you can’t unplug everyone.

Armand Puyolt

Armand Puyolt on Getting Past the Fear

Armand talks about getting past the fear and doubt to go out there every single day and win.

Jay Bennett

Jay Bennett on the Basics of Success in Network Marketing

Jay shares several concepts that will make you more successful including simplicity and being coachable.

Adam Green

Adam Green on Stretching Your Beliefs

Adam tears down some limiting beliefs that are holding you back and urges you to believe what others think is impossible.

Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers on How to Explode Your Recruiting

Brian shares his insights on you can recruit more people through listening, choosing the right words, consistency, and more.

Jeremy Stansfield

Jeremy Stansfield on Facing Challenges Head On

You will always have challenges. Jeremy talks about how you have to face the challenges head on in order to succeed and make an impact.

Cedric Harris

Cedric Harris on Overcoming the Fear of No

Cedric discusses how so many of us fail to share our wonderful opportunity because we are afraid of the word no. But you have to become rise above that fear.

Rita Davenport

Rita Davenport on Having Courage and Determination

Rita makes everyone laugh as she shares her humor and wisdom on how to never give up in this profession.

Eric Worre

Eric Worre with the Ultimate Game Plan

Eric gives you nine pillars to help you develop a game plan to make the next year the best in your life.

Alan Pariser

Alan Pariser

Alan shares how if you want to be successful, you need emotional leverage, to decide, and learn nine fundamentals that will help you grow your business.

Rising Star Panel

Rising Star Panel

Nearly 7 out of 10 Network Marketers in the U.S. are millennials. Listen to some of these rising stars talk about how they got started, overcame obstacles, and why Network Marketing is a better option for them.

Women’s Panel

Women’s Panel

Marina Worre leads this panel with several top female entrepreneurs. They discuss the issues women face in this profession and share their best advice.

Social Media Panel

Social Media Panel

Social media is quickly becoming a valuable tool to grow your business. Listen to these top earners talk about the Do’s and Don’ts of using social media.

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