Scar Tissue

Episode-90-Scar Tissue

I believe one of the most underappreciated things in business and Network Marketing is scar tissue. I know that sounds strange, but hear me out…

Everybody in Network Marketing wants a fast, easy way to success. They want a simple system that they can just download and everything is figured out for them. They want the answers to be given to them, to be spoon-fed like a little baby. None of them want to go prepare their own food, build their own house, grow their own business. They think their upline, company, or downline should do it for them. They don’t want to develop any scar tissue.

So, let me ask you, do you learn more from winning or losing? Do you learn more from pleasure or pain? Pain might give you scar tissue, but it gives you wisdom, knowledge, understanding, muscle, and strength too.

We have a bunch of babies out there in Network Marketing that have never learned how to crawl, and they are expecting someone else to make them run. But you’ve got to crawl in order to be able to develop and learn by trying to stand up a million times and falling down a million times until you figure it out.

So, my hope for you is not that you want pain, but that you’re not shocked when pain shows up. I don’t want it to be difficult for you all the time, but when difficulty shows up, you’re ready for it. You can step up and know that the difficulty just means you have an opportunity to grow and get better. So, decide to walk away from adolescence and dependence and learn from the mistakes you make.

I know nobody wants to make mistakes. Everybody is afraid of looking bad in front of the rest of the world. But that’s how you learn – from looking bad. So, go make a million mistakes, embarrass yourself, fail, lose your team, and then go rebuild another team.

I don’t want the hardships to happen for you. But when they do, are you going to get bitter about it, or are you going to get better and learn? Develop scar tissue.

Most people are looking for the easy way, but the easy way is not the best way. For those top leaders that have already gone down the road less travelled, paid the price, and made the sacrifice, don’t water down your experience because you’re afraid of scaring the little babies out there that aren’t willing to take the first step on their own. Tell them what it really took to go to the top. Don’t hide the hardships from them. You should want them to go through the pain not because you want it to crush them, but to make them stronger.

Scar tissue, growing pains, and learning from adversity – those are important and valuable tools in the entrepreneurial toolbox. Don’t run away from the pain, use it.