Should You Lead with the Product or the Opportunity


In this week’s video lesson, Eric tackles a very controversial topic in the profession, and that is Should You Lead with the Product or the Opportunity? Many don’t focus on customers, they just focus on recruiting, whereas some focus on gaining customers and not recruiting, and the question Eric gets asked all the time is, “What should the emphasis be?”

As Eric explains both work. Both create the same result. Recent studies have been conducted and the results are very interesting. A good percentage that join just for the product, and then a percentage join just for the business. However, 70% of those that joined just for the product changed their opinion about the business and they shift their focus to the business side. And then there are those that came in for the business, but for whatever reason their success with the business has not taken off, and they become more of a product user. So it is about an equal amount.

Words of advice on from Eric on this topic is to Go Where Your Prospects Are. If they don’t have the entrepreneurial mindset yet, start with the product. Create raving fans! Create customers that are super excited about your product and they love telling people about the product. Don’t overlook the person that is just interested in the product right now because statistics show that many will shift their focus to the business.

Now, on the flip side when dealing with people you bring in who were interested in the business, but things haven’t worked out for them on the business side, they might be more comfortable shifting their focus just to being a product user for now as they work on their skills.

In conclusion, Eric offers this advice: if someone is scared of the business, let them become a customer and slowly learn about the opportunity. If they want to come in for the big business, bring them in with the business. And if they’re not ready to build right now, the hope is they become a raving fan customer. Talk to people, share your product, share your opportunity, and let them join where they can see themselves being successful, whether it’s with product or with opportunity.