Show Me the Money

Kierston Kirschbaum talks about how you can follow up with prospects who are concerned about money.

She says that when prospects say they can’t afford your product or opportunity, then you haven’t done a good enough job of solving their problem yet. That’s because if they truly felt that your product or opportunity was the answer to their problem, then they would find the money.

You can also help your prospects come up with plans to come up with the money they’ll need. Keirston likes to have them gather all of their friends and have them sell the product all at once. That way they get a commission check before they even have to pay for their product. It all depends on how your company is set up, but there is always a way.

Someone once said, “Whoever wants to be successful as much as they want to breathe, will be successful.” So, overcoming objections like this is a matter of asking the right questions and letting them know that you are on their team.

The issue of money is also going to come up with people already on your team. They may start saying things like “I’m not making enough money yet,” “I can’t afford to keep doing this business,” or “I can’t afford to go to the events or do the presentations.” You need to remind them that this is a business and they are not going to get rich overnight. But this is a real opportunity to create a legacy for their family.

One of the questions that I hear a lot it “How much money did you make in your first month?” This can be hard to answer, especially if you are new because you might have earned a lot of money in the first month or only $12. One response that will help you is to say, “Well, I don’t know yet. I’m still getting paid on it.” And that’s true. After being in Network Marketing for 7 years, Kierston still doesn’t know how much money she made from her first month because she is still getting paid on it.”