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While Growing a List of...


Followers on Twitter

+ 1,500,000

Followers on Facebook


Followers on Instagram


Followers on YouTube

But that’s not all!

I also interviewed over 77 leaders around the world who have recruited over 100 people into their business through social media. This master course is packed full of all of their best practices and strategies. This is how they did it!

If you want to:

  • Expand the reach of your business
  • Cultivate an ever-growing list of prospects
  • Build a stronger team over long distances
  • Understand the ins and outs of using social media
  • And integrate new strategies into your business…

Then this course is for you!

Social Media Mastery Includes:

7 Step-By-Step Video Training Courses to teach you how to build your profile, attract followers, convert followers into prospects, convert prospects into customers and distributors, and train your team all with social media! See the courses >

Downloadable Workbook so that you can follow along, do the video exercises, and jot down new ideas.

Bonus PDF Transcripts of every module and bonus videos.

2 Bonus Video Courses with a review of the top social media platforms, strategies for using video, simple technology tips for maximizing platforms, and the Do’s and Don’ts of expanding your brand from top experts!

Bonus Worksheets to guide you through learning how to expand your brand.

Real People. Real Results.

Read what Social Media Mastery students are saying:

"I’m starting to use the tips that I’ve learned, and I’ve already been able to recruit one person successfully through social media. But the most important experience I’ve had is with personal development. The course has encouraged me and increased my self-confidence. I’ve been making a lot of new contacts and friends who I’m sure will turn into customers and distributors soon."

Cristiana Amaral - Brazil

"I feel so much more confident that I will be able to create a valuable social media presence."

Elaine Offstein

"Eric, I have so much great information out of each module. I am at my beginning with Social Media. I used to feel so intimidated but you made me feel so confident. I have no doubt that I will master Social media. Thank you so much."

Didia Elkhouri

"Awesome information! I've always avoided social media platforms and didn't want to invest the time to learn. These modules are so user friendly and have given me the confidence that I can brand myself and generate more contacts by some simple guidelines. It's encouraging that this information is based on research from networking professionals who are having success on Social Media."

Joseph A Houston

"It completely exploded my business! I just had surgery, and while recovering, I decided to use everything I learned instead of losing my business momentum. And now, a couple months later, I’ve completely doubled my income and built a really nice team."

Kathryn Eyring - United States

"After I went through Social Media Mastery, I was able to double the number of my followers on social media. I started sharing my experience, and people began reaching out to me and adding me as a friend. I’ve grown my team by 20% per month. It’s been so amazing for me, and I’m still working to understand more."

Tran Le - Vietnam

"The Social Media Mastery course came at just the right time for me. I was attempting to build on social media, but not having a lot of success. After following the teachings of the course, I have found many leaders and new people more inclined to speak with me and build a friendship. The results I have achieved from Social Media Mastery have been some of my best yet. I personally enrolled 22 people in my first 30 days, and all the relationships were built using the information from the easy to follow video tools and information work sheets. This mastery course has been like having Eric Worre in my home watching over and guiding me."

Steve Ottewell - United Kingdom

"I’ve tried many ways to reach out to people online, and since I’ve used the Social Media Mastery course I have a clear system that I can follow and I can do it in an authentic and natural way. I can just be myself, build a relationship, and take the business outside of social media. This Social Media Mastery course is so good!"

Mario Wirth - Germany

"I have recommended this course in my company as a “must-have” to build the proper foundation for social media success. Thanks to branding myself and standing in my own truth as your course recommends, I have attracted friends as well as prospects from literally all over the world as far as Asia. I just enrolled a person who decided to join Network Marketing on her own and reached out to me to be her upline simply because she liked my posts."

Jorge Rodriguez - United States

"Thank you for sharing these concepts with me. I have seen some of the mistakes I have been making. I am ready to move forward with more determination and a desire to become successful. Thanks again."

Carolyn Jewell

"This course helped me change my view on how to work with social media. Now I’m able to see what platform works best for me. Also, I have a work method and study plan for social media."

Bert Phlippo - Belgium

"It has been an incredible year since I’ve implemented the strategies from Social Media Mastery into my business. I totally revamped the way I use social media to build my business. I’m now recruiting an average of 8 people a week, have expanded my business to the U.K., reached the next leadership level, become a top recruiter in my company, and obtained many more goals. Social Media Mastery has empowered me to grow as a leader, spread my wings, and better serve my team."

Réal Andrews

"I greatly enjoyed the Social Media Mastery course, because it gave me a great foundation of where to start. I have noticed that more people are attracted to my page and commenting on how "inspiring" I am."

Dana Sockolov

"3 years working on "branding myself" and not until NOW am I realizing the lack of progress I've made and the mistakes that could have been avoided if only I received this information long ago. This course is a MUST and will provide much success."

Jason A. Elliot

"Thank you for this course. It made me believe for the first time in my life that Facebook is much more than just wasting my time."

Ibrahim Berdkan

Gain the Secrets of Social Media

Build an exciting and attractive personal brand, regardless of your background or experience. Learn how to use your posts and interactions on social media to create your brand and attract followers to you.

Turn your friends, fans, and followers on social into prospects and convert these prospects into customers and distributors without sounded salesy or blasting them with your business. Also, duplicate your social media results throughout your team.

Learn about the best social media platforms to use in order to grow your Network Marketing business. And discover how to maximize each platform’s features- including video- to constantly grow your community of followers, friends, and fans.

Let’s break it down...

Module 1

Why Social Media? Why Now?

Social Media is where most of the population hangs out. It’s time to bridge the gap between online and offline and make a difference for you and the Network Marketing Industry.

Module 2

Building Your Social Media Brand

Everybody is branding themselves, but not everybody has a personal brand. Your Internet Presence in Social Media speaks to who you are and the audience you’re reaching. Learn the steps to building your own brand.

Module 3

How To Grow Your Network of Friends, Followers & Fans

In this module you are going to learn how to expand your brand and start to attract your friends, followers and fans (the 3F's).

Module 4

How To Convert Your Network of Friends, Followers & Fans

In the 4th module you will learn how to best convert your network of friends, followers and fans into prospects... And do it in a way that is duplicatable for your team. My goal is that you never run out of people to talk to.

Module 5

How to Convert Your Prospects Into Customers and Distributors

Now the step comes where you need to convert your prospects into customers and distributors.. People ask me all the time, should I focus on Customer or Distributors...and the answer is BOTH. But they STAY for the opportunity. Once they become a fan of the product and begin to make you connections, it opens their imagination to the opportunities.

Module 6

How To Use Social Media To Train and Communicate With Your Team

In Module 6 you will learn how to train and communicate with your team. There are 2 sides to this, the public side and the private side. The person who is most connected with their organization wins. The person who is able to communicate best with the organization wins. The time to start is now!

Module 7

How To Duplicate This Social Media Strategy With Your Team

Network Marketing without duplication is a job. We don’t want the Network Marketing experience to be just that… a job, over a long period of time. In this module you will learn key principles for duplication in your Network Marketing Business.

Bonus Videos

2 Bonus Video Modules

In these bonus video modules, I will review the top social media platforms, strategies for using video, simple technology tips for maximizing platforms, and the Do’s and Don’ts of expanding your brand from top experts!

Bonus PDF Downloads

Bonus Worksheets and Downloadable PDF Workbook

With these bonus worksheets and PDF workbook I will teach you how to build your profile, attract followers, convert followers into prospects, convert prospects into customers and distributors, and train your team all with social media! You will be able to follow along, do the video exercises, and jot down new ideas.

Bonus Video Transcripts

Bonus PDF Transcripts

You will have instant access to full PDF transcripts of each video module (including bonus video modules) so you can follow along or take with you on the go.

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