Stay Open for Business

Episode-123-Stay Open for Business

In today’s video, Eric talks about the upcoming holiday season and how too many people become lax in their business during this time.

Eric starts off by providing some math for everyone.  View your business like a retail store that’s open for 365 days of the year.  If the store is closed for one day, you lose one-third of 1% of your revenue.  If you have to close your store for six days, then you lose about 2% of your revenue.  What if a semi-truck runs into your store, and you have to close it down completely for 60 days?  Then 20% of your revenue is gone, and there is no way you can get it back.

So, how do you keep your store open more days of the year?  A Network Marketing business has no physical location, but it is opened by having conversations about products, services, the business, opportunities, the company, your team, etc.  When the conversations stop happening at any point in time, then your store is closed.  Having no conversations is like an 18-wheeler running through the front door of a McDonald’s – it is out of business.  No business means no revenue; no revenue means no future.  Your job is to keep your business open as many days of the year as possible through the conversations you have.

Some make the mistake of believing that people are not in the mood to buy or don’t want to talk during the holiday season.  Eric says this is completely false.  People are ready to buy during the holidays.  They have a list of people to get gifts for, and you can help them check off someone on that list.  So, don’t buy into the story that they don’t have the time; sell them the idea that it is worth their time to take the opportunity to look at your product or service.  That is what an open business does.

An amateur will close their business, turn off the conversations, right before Thanksgiving and open again on January 15.  Those people have lost 20% of their revenue.  Professionals increase their conversations during the holiday months.  By mid-January, professionals have momentum, growth, and are moving in the right direction.

So, is your store going to be open or closed from now till January 15?  Keep the conversations going.  Be better at persuading people to take a look at your product or service than they are at persuading you that now is not a good time.  Now more than ever people are looking for opportunity, cash flow, and options.  Network Marketing is not perfect, but it’s a better way for people with entrepreneurial hopes and dreams.  You can provide people with a way to become an entrepreneur.  You just have to keep the store open by keeping the conversations going.