I want to expand more on Creating Summer Momentum in your Network Marketing business … If you haven’t already watched the “Creating Summer Momentum” video, you might want to watch that one first.

I am issuing a 30-Day Challenge to all of you to help you go from average to extraordinary. The challenge is to commit to doing at least 30 presentations with a prospect in the next 30 days, and also challenge your team members to do the same.

This challenge involves talking to people and sharing your opportunity. Now, if you are a shy person, or introverted, this can really be a struggle… As someone who is introverted and struggled with this exact thing back when I was getting started, I know exactly how intimidating and daunting of a task recruiting and prospecting can be.

In my webinar on the “7 Steps to Becoming a Recruiting Machine”, I help you overcome some of the mental blocks you might have and also give you the 7 steps you need to become a recruiting superstar …

So here is what I want you to do to help you create momentum and get you and your team building during the summer when everyone else is on vacation: