Summer 30-Day Challenge


I want to expand more on Creating Summer Momentum in your Network Marketing business … If you haven’t already watched the “Creating Summer Momentum” video, you might want to watch that one first.

I am issuing a 30-Day Challenge to all of you to help you go from average to extraordinary. The challenge is to commit to doing at least 30 presentations with a prospect in the next 30 days, and also challenge your team members to do the same.

This challenge involves talking to people and sharing your opportunity. Now, if you are a shy person, or introverted, this can really be a struggle… As someone who is introverted and struggled with this exact thing back when I was getting started, I know exactly how intimidating and daunting of a task recruiting and prospecting can be.

In my webinar on the “7 Steps to Becoming a Recruiting Machine”, I help you overcome some of the mental blocks you might have and also give you the 7 steps you need to become a recruiting superstar …

So here is what I want you to do to help you create momentum and get you and your team building during the summer when everyone else is on vacation:

  • Rewatch the 30-Day Challenge video and make the commitment to say YES!
  • Enter the Facebook contest to win How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days and get ready to accelerate your business.
  • Register to watch the 7 Steps to Becoming a Recruiting Machine. You can access it on-demand by replay, or signup for one of the upcoming timeslots for this webinar. Even if you have already watched it, rewatch it to reinforce what you learned and really cement this training so you can help your team recruit better, and they can help their people.
  • Share this with your Team Members! Get everyone on the same page so you are creating massive duplication within your organization.
  • Make a commitment to Create Summer Momentum by becoming a Recruiting Machine this summer while everyone else is taking a summer break!