NMPRO #242 – Les Brown Tribute

Here is the first of a series of videos offering a tribute to the great Jim Rohn (please forgive the shaky camera work).  In addition to finding more Jim Rohn resources by going to jimrohn.com, I want you to all think about YOUR legacy.  We have the vehicle to create it.  How do YOU want […]

NMPRO #241 – Think About YOUR Legacy

Legacy is critical to all of us.  What do you want to be known for?  How much do you want to contribute to the lives of others?  Some very important questions.

NMPRO #240 – Psychic Damage

A VERY important message for healing your mind and stepping into your greatness!  What are YOUR thoughts on this critical subject?

NMPRO #238 – Do You Deserve Success?

Do you deserve success?  Professionals know what they deserve based on the EFFORT they’ve put in during their careers.  Amateurs can only hope to get lucky.  What are YOUR thoughts?

NMPRO #237 – Focus on STORY

Story is SO important.  Pay more attention to telling stories than anything else and you’ll do just fine.  Go buy the book I linked up!  How important do YOU think stories are?

NMPRO #236 – Easy is NOT the Answer

So many of you want what you really don’t want and that is for building your Network Marketing business to be EASY.  Guess what?  If it’s EASY, they aren’t going to pay you very much.  Instead, decide to become better so you can do what other people can’t… and get to live like other people […]

NMPRO #235 – Facing Your FEARS!

Facing your fears is one of the biggest aspects of building a large and successful Network Marketing business.  What Fears do YOU need to face?

NMPRO #233 – The 1-3-5-7 Formula

With the advancements in training & technology, can you get to the top in Network Marketing faster NOW than you could in the past?  Interesting question.  What do YOU think?

NMPRO #232 – Adapting to Change

Instead of waiting for your circumstances to get better, TAKE CHARGE!  Success is not “out there”.  Success is inside each of you!  What are YOUR thoughts on this subject?

NMPRO #231 – Recruit MORE People FASTER

Want to find out how to Recruit more people Faster?  The secret is found in the “Major Blast”.  To ALL my friends in the NMPRO community, please follow through by offering your comments below.  Thanks and I love you all!