Most people will tell you to set a goal, create some activities around that goal, and then form new habits that will help you reach that goal. Those are great steps to achieve results, but I want to share with you a completely different mindset.

You Can’t Kill the Past

You Can't Kill the Past

I have realized that our attitude about the past, the meaning that we give to our past, will either allow us to move forward or keep us where we stand. And I see so many people who are completely trapped by their past. They are reliving the same story over and over, and they can’t move forward. They see themselves as victims of their past. They look back at their failures, and instead of seeing learning experiences, they take those failures to mean that they weren’t good enough. They’ve applied a meaning to their past that hurts and damages the steps that they take for a better future. So, how you feel about your past and the meaning you apply to it has a huge impact on what you do in the future.

Can People Change?

Can People Change

Can people really change? You always hear the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Or “If you want to take a look at somebody’s future, take a look at their past.” While I think that sometimes this is true, I believe that more than anything, what keeps people from changing is when they decide to stop learning and growing.

Proper Expectations

Proper Expectations

One of the biggest dangers in our profession is when we say it’s easy and simple and everyone succeeds. If you purchase a franchise and read the disclaimer, it tells you that it’s hard, you could lose your investment and more, and it might be five years before you make a profit. But there’s an opportunity if you’re strong enough to take it. That’s what the rest of the world does. So why do we claim that Network Marketing is easy and simple? We don’t do ourselves any favors by talking like that.

Entrepreneurs Don’t Retire

Entrepreneurs Don't Retire

I saw a quote recently that said (excuse the language), “Eat shit for two years. Eat caviar for the rest of your life.” This reminded me of a similar idea inside of Network Marketing that says you can work hard and sacrifice for 2-4 years, and then you can spend the rest of your life on the beach. This type of expectation is a problem.

A Simple Technique to Reach Your Hot Market

A Simple Technique to Reach Your Hot Market

Your hot market can be an intimidating group to talk to, especially when you’re just starting out.  These are the people who love you and know you.  But they know you so well, that they won’t respect you at all in Network Marketing.  So, I’m going to give you a strategy to approach your hot market in a way that is comfortable.

NMPRO #160 – Prospecting Power

There there, it’s almost over.  🙂  Today is the 5th and final day of Prospecting Power.  I hope it will be the 5th consecutive day you’ve watched it.  It’s so important for you to make this a natural extension of your thought process.  You don’t learn something when you remember it, you learn something when […]

NMPRO #151 – We Have a BETTER Way!

There are so many desperate people in the world today.  The Machine is Broken.  We have a better way!  Assignment of the Day (AOTD): Send this to everyone on your team and every person you know who’s sick and tired of the “machine”!  And here’s the link for the article.

NMPRO #149 – Copycats WIN!

In our ongoing series on building Confidence, today we talk about how Copycats WIN!  Question of the Day (QOTD): What skill would you most like to improve?