NMPRO #110 – You’re One Recruit Away From An Explosion!

While you remain the most important person in the long-term success of your business, one single excited recruit can totally transform your organization.  Assignment of the Day (AOTD):  In the next 72 hours, talk to at least 10 brand new prospects about your opportunity and report back if you followed through.  Deal?

NMPRO #109 – Do MORE Than You Get Paid For

SO many people want results first, and then they’ll work hard.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  Not in life and not in Network Marketing.  Here are some thoughts from Hyde Park in Sydney Australia (in the rain).  Question of the Day (QOTD):  Do you think Network Marketing is ready to go mainstream?  P.S. Good […]

NMPRO #108 – Great Expectations

This is one of the most important topics to date.  Afraid to talk to friends & family about your product or opportunity?  This can help.  Forward this to your organization and watch them grow.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What is your biggest challenge in building your network marketing business?

NMPRO #107 – Some Days It’s WORK!

There seems to be an epidemic in the Network Marketing world where people only want to do things when it’s “fun”.  People appear to have forgotten that some days you have to actually WORK at building your business.  After over 29 straight hours of travel, I offer some thoughts.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What’s […]

NMPRO #100 – 100th Anniversary Special!

Wow! 100 Episodes of Network Marketing Pro! I’m so grateful for all of you for watching, for promoting this to the world, and most importantly for deciding to become Network Marketing Professionals yourselves! Together we are making a HUGE difference in our great profession. And this is just the beginning! Question of the Day (QOTD): Out of […]

NMPRO #99 – Thoughts on Attraction

Just one more show to our 100th episode anniversary!  Amazing.  Today I talk about attraction vs. pursuit.  BIG difference in business and in life.  Hope you like it.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  Who do you spend your time with?  Those who love you or those who you want to love you?

NMPRO #98 – We Are Family

Today’s episode was filmed in Kiev Ukraine.  Did you know they had their own statue of liberty there?  I’m not sure what they call it, but it’s amazing up close.  Check it out!  Just two days until our 100th anniversary special!  Question of the Day (QOTD):  If you’ve been watching NMPRO, getting value and haven’t […]

NMPRO #97 – Pay Closer Attention to Your Faith

We are now just 3 shows away from our 100th episode anniversary.  I’m so excited to share with you the Number One Untold Secret of MLM Rock stars but that will have to wait.  Today’s show is short, sweet, IMPORTANT, and offers a cameo from one of our earlier rock star interviewees.  Enjoy!  Question of […]

NMPRO #96 – Money Money Money

In our continuing series on going back in time and giving advice to a younger version of myself, today we talk about MONEY!  I’ve learned there is a difference between income and wealth.  Hope you like it.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  Do you currently spend less than you make?

NMPRO #95 – The Law of Association

Today’s episode is one of the most important yet.  The Law of Association will rule your life, and your Network Marketing career, more than anything else I can think of.  Please take the advice I would offer to a younger version of myself.  You’ll be glad you did.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  I’m in […]

NMPRO #94 – The Importance of the Next Thing

Here is the second piece of advice I would give a younger version of myself.  And yeah, that’s a grainy younger version of myself.  🙂  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What is YOUR next thing?

NMPRO #93 Become KNOWN For Something

A great question for you… “If you could go back in time and talk to a younger version of yourself, knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself?”  Today I start a 7-part series where I do that to myself and give YOU the answers.  I hope you enjoy it.  Question of […]