NMPRO #68 – Should You Get A Partner?

In the first of our Question & Answer series, I answer the question “Should you get a partner to help me build your Network Marketing business”?  Question of the Day (QOTD):  If any of you have had an MLM partner in the past, how did it go?

NMPRO #67 – Tap Into Your Greatness

In this show, you’ll see 15 minutes of my recent keynote address in Barcelona, Spain covering 5 important elements for massive success.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What country are you watching from?

NMPRO #66 – Is It Possible To Give TOO MUCH?

Filmed backstage just before being introduced for a keynote address in Barcelona, today’s show covers the very important topic of how to REALLY help the people in your organization.  Hope you enjoy it.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What do YOU think?  Is it possible to give TOO MUCH?  Please comment below.

NMPRO #65 – Are You A Player?

This was filmed immediately after Barcelona defeated Manchester United for the European Cup.  Quick and fun.  Question of the day (QOTD):  Are you a Player, are you a Spectator or are you Out of the Game?

NMPRO #64 – Todd Smith Interview 3 of 3

Sorry for posting this so late.  Still having internet connection challenges in Spain.  Here is the final show in our 3-part series with Superstar Todd Smith.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  If so, please post your comments below.  I just watched Barcelona beat Manchester United for the European Cup.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  Do […]

NMPRO #63 – Todd Smith Interview 2 of 3

In the second of our 3-part interview with MLM superstar Todd Smith, we discuss some of the fundamentals necessary for long-term success.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What are you excited about TODAY?

NMPRO #62 – Todd Smith Interview 1 of 3

I interview another industry Icon in Mr. Todd Smith.  He has earned over $20 million dollars in commissions and is one of the most sought after trainers in our Profession.  In the first of our 3-part interview, we discuss Burning Desire and some of the reasons for the Profession’s less than stellar image in some […]

NMPRO #61 – Should You Blog?

Should You Blog?

To blog or not to blog?  That is the question.  Here are a few of my thoughts.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  Do YOU Blog?  If so, what VALUE is it bringing to your life and to your business?