The 5 Concepts of Network Marketing According to Jim Rohn

By Eric Worre

I am so excited to share an exclusive podcast with you!

The one and only Jim Rohn was the most important mentor in my 30-year career.  Long before I met him he guided me through his courses.

The training he provided took me from obscurity to being known within the Network Marketing profession.  He provided a path to financial independence.  I owe him so much and I am so grateful to him.

Few people know about the course created by Jim Rohn that specifically addresses Network Marketing.

I do have to say, I had a little hand in its creation.  Sometimes you have to encourage people to consider an idea they may have not otherwise.

I remember asking him if he would do the seed and the sewer talk into the Network Marketing training.  Surprisingly, he had forgotten about a talk that had such a dramatic impact on my life.  I was mind boggled that he did not remember but I was happy to remind him.  To my delight, it showed up in his talk.

Our friends at success partners have provided us with an unbelievable gift.  They are providing Jim Rohn’s talk on Network Marketing for absolutely free.

Simply click the link below and visit our podcast page or download it on your favorite platform by searching Eric Worre.

Go Pro Podcast

Jim talks about his life being changed by finding a product he could believe in.  His perspective changed when he was 25.  Can you imagine one of your products changing the life of a person in such a huge way?  One of your products could inspire someone to reach out and teach millions.

The fact is, what you believe will carry you into the next century.

Jim’s philosophy around network marketing is centered around ambition, opportunity, waste, consistency, and dealing with disappointment.

  • Set out to take over the world and achieve your greatest dreams.
  • Find a product or a company that you believe in.
  • Understand that you will waste effort.
  • Be consistent enough to dilute the wasted effort with impact.
  • Realize that sometimes you will lose.

Jim Rohn has impacted my life in so many positive ways and I am sure he will do the same for you. If you have already listened to the podcast or are already a Jim Rohn fan, skip straight to his advanced training.

Listen to Jim Rohn’s talk on Network Marketing