The 7 Skills That Can Ensure Success In Network Marketing

By Eric Worre

I speak all over the world at the biggest Network Marketing events.  But, sometimes I feel like we get the most motivation, inspiration, and education for things that we read.  I have read hundreds of books on Network Marketing.  Some of the stand out and some of them fade away.

What guides us?

If you are in Network Marketing it can be tough to see the forest from the trees.  The path can be long and winding.  It is easy to get lost, confused, and frustrated.  Over the past 30 years, I have seen hundreds of Network Marketers rocket straight to the top.  They seem to know the exact path to success.  I often sit back and think, “What motivates them?”

“What Motivates the Top 1%”

I have also seen Network Marketers achieve everything they want.  They earn well over a million dollars a year.  They have huge influential teams and they live the life they want to.  However, they stay motivated.  They stay energetic.  They stay on path.  How do they do it?

“The Key to Long-Lasting Motivation is Strong Fundamental Skills”

There is something about you that cannot be denied.  There is something about your character that separates you from the herd.  You took a risk.  You stepped out of line and started a Network Marketing business.  This incredible action should never be ignored.  But, it is the actions that follow that are so important.

There are many sources of motivation but two things never change.  You need to know why you are doing what you are doing and what skills are needed to get you to your desired result.

The motivation you need to reach the top is already in you.  Find a way to ignite that motivation and then spread it to others.  The skills you need are written out in my book Go Pro and briefly explained below.

Go Pro: 7 Steps

  1. Finding Prospects

The first question that comes to the mind of every prospect is, “Do I know anyone?”  If you can help the prospect form a list of people in their head that they may be able to place in their downline, you have overcome the first hurdle.

  1. Inviting

The key to inviting is not to hunt your prospects.  Don’t go around looking for every single living person and tell them about your business.  The goal of inviting is to educate people on what you do.  The more people that understand what you do, the more your business will grow.

  1. Presenting

The largest obstacle in presenting is understanding that YOU are NOT the issue.  Remember, if the prospect can see themselves within a successful business the presentation is complete.

  1. Follow-up

There are a few concepts that surround follow-up that cannot be ignored.

Concept #1 – Do what you say you’re are going to do.

Concept #2 – The only reason to have exposure is to create another one in the future.

Concept #3 – It takes 4-6 Exposures for the average person to join.

Concept #4 – Condense your exposures.

  1. Help Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors

The key to success in this area is having good posture and asking good questions.

  1. Helping your Distributor Get Started

– Validate your new distributor’s decision

– Help set their expectations

– Tell them what you and others have done to get started

– Help your new distributor create a game plan to rank advance

– Give specific assignments

  1. Promoting Events

If there is one never miss event for top earners in Network Marketing it is their company convention or a large non-biased event like Go Pro Recruiting Mastery.  The power of destination events will change your mindset, your moral, and your income.

The skills needed to succeed in Network Marketing are not rocket science.  However, they can rocket you to the top of your compensation structure.

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