The Biggest Obstacle In Network Marketing is MARKETING

By Eric Worre

In the past couple of years there is one social media platform that has been growing faster than the rest.  Still believed to be in its infancy, Instagram is showing promise to help Network Marketers share their opportunity with the entire planet.

Instagram is broken down into two primary areas.  The first is your Instagram feedThe feed is much like the news feed on Facebook.  It includes the posts, the images, the quotes that you post on a daily basis to provide value and inspiration to your followers.

There are some very specific strategies you should keep in mind when it comes to your Instagram feed.

  1. Stay within the brand. Make sure that your colors, your voice, and your message stay consistent and true.
  2. Over 50% of people react to inspirational posts and quote graphics.  Instagram is the perfect place to inspire your followers and your team to do more, think bigger, and try harder.
  3. The Instagram feed is a great place to post questions to your team.  Ask them what they need help with.  Ask them what they are struggling with and then reach out to them to address each of their concerns.


The second is Instagram Stories.  Stories are the chance for people to get to know you better.  This is there opportunity to find out what you are doing and how you are excelling.  For example, a person sees your inspiration post in your feed.  The post depicts an image of how special it is to earn a living and be able to stay at home with your children.  Then you post a story about raising kids and being financially independent.  That same person will almost certainly watch that story to find out how you do it.  This combination is very powerful.

There are 3 beliefs that should be remembered when thinking about Instagram stories.

  1. Your story is significant and contains value to others.
  2. People care about you and your journey through this life. Those that care will follow you.
  3. Your Instagram stories can be used to relate to others in a universal way.


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