The Power of Social Media in Network Marketing

Power of Social Media in Network Marketing

By Eric Worre

social media reachI will be the first to admit, I was hesitant at the idea of using social media for a business when it first came out. I thought it would never work to sit at a computer and just type or push buttons instead of going out and having face-to-face conversations with people.

And to a point, I was right. Social media can’t take the place of having that in-person interaction when recruiting people to your business. But over the past few years, social media has become a valuable and effective means to reach out to all new potential prospects, grow your team, and build a successful business.

I have witnessed several top leaders in Network Marketing rise in the ranks because of the strategies they developed to blend social media with the “old-school” concepts that I used to build my business. And so, I’ve changed my stance. Social media is a powerful tool for your business when used appropriately.

Here are a few reasons why social media is a valuable tool.

Expands Your Reach

With social media, you’re no longer confined to your town, city, or even country. You can reach thousands of people around the world in an instant. Now even entrepreneurs in the smallest towns around the world can build a business without spending all of their money and time travelling to other places. You can think bigger and expand your business to reach places previously unattainable.

I still believe you should travel to visit the places where you expand your business so that you can meet with team members face-to-face. But with social media, that initial reach can be online.

Strengthen Relationships

Like on Social MediaWhen you do expand your business, it is important that you maintain connections and relationships with your long-distant team members. As I mentioned above, I believe you should make a point of meeting with those team members face-to-face on occasion. However, social media provides you with a way to nurture those relationships on a more consistent basis.

You can keep in touch with your team members with social media through messages of encouragement or tips on best practices. Of course, that type of interaction can also be easily accomplished through an email or phone call. But with social media you can go a step further. Through simply liking a post, making a comment, or wishing them a happy birthday, you are fostering that relationship and strengthening it.

Social media gives you the tools to interact with your team and prospects consistently through simple acts that let those people know you are thinking of them and invested in their success.

Build Your Brand

One of the best advantages of using social media is how you can actually have the prospects come to you. Your brand—who you are, what you stand for, your interests, etc.—can attract like-minded people to you and suddenly your prospect list builds itself.

Now granted, this doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait for a flood of prospects to come to you, but instead of desperately searching for prospects yourself, people will find you through their similar interests or ideals that are portrayed in your brand.

Your brand will help to introduce you to more people than you’ll know what to do with. You’ll attract fans, followers, and friends and be able to build rapport with them.

Social media allows you to do this and so much more. The “old-school” strategies of in-person meetings will still be a strong and effective way to recruit more prospects, but now social media can help you build an even stronger and larger team than ever before!


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