The Pros and Cons of Comparing

The Pros and Cons of Comparing

Today, we’re going to discuss comparing yourself to others. There’s a good side and a bad side to it, and it all depends on how you’re wired. If you’re highly competitive, comparing yourself to others can be a good thing. It’ll inspire you to increase your activities, results, etc. Comparison can be a driver, a model of success, or a cause for you to take more action.

But here’s where comparing yourself to others can be negative. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others and no matter what you do you can’t seem to get to their level of success, then it can become a destructive mindset. In this case, it is better to compare you with you. Compare yourself today to the person you were yesterday. Compare yourself tomorrow to the person you are today. Compare yourself against yourself and make sure you are making progress. So long as you are using yourself to inspire further action, growth, skills, and wisdom then you’re going to be in great shape.

Another danger can be when you compare yourself to someone who’s doing less than you because then you think that maybe you should slow down since everyone else is slowing down. If that is happening, then it’s time to surround yourself with new people who are achieving more. Start comparing yourself to people who will push you to be more productive and move towards your purpose in life.

I like to compare myself to others on occasion because it drives me to do more. But there are some people who I don’t compare myself to at all. I’m not going to compare myself to Lebron James when it comes to basketball or a top hockey player because that’s not going to lead me in a direction that is productive for me. So, I compare myself where it works, and I don’t torture myself where it doesn’t.

We’re all here to bring value and make a mark in the world. Your journey is to figure out how exactly you’re going to do that. The journey is the thing. Getting better every single day, that’s the thing. Compare yourself when it makes sense, and let it go when it doesn’t.