The Secret to Duplication and 3 Ways to do it Right

I see this happen to a lot of people when they’re first starting out … they join a team, excited about the product and opportunity then quickly lose that excitement because their upline didn’t tell them what to do and how to do it. They end up being a consumer instead of a recruiter or super recruiter because they weren’t given the tools and guidance they needed.

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to get people started effectively. This is the secret to momentum and duplication and if you’re not doing it and doing it right, your business is dead in the water. Getting people started effectively is where duplication lives and unfortunately, this is the most ignored step by leaders. You must have a written, duplication model that every member of your team follows. This is your Getting Started Checklist and if you don’t have one, my guess is you’ve had little success.

There are several ways to get people started effectively, but if you want recruiters and super recruiters on your team, here are three ways to make it happen:

  1. You and every member of your team should be a raving fan of the product. Everyone should be using the product and shouting to the world why they love it and how it’s helped them or changed their life. Being a raving fan of the product helps build your story which leads to the next step …
  2. Help the person build their story. This is one of the most important tools in Network Marketing. You can help them build their story by sharing yours. Tell them where you worked before joining the company and what made you get started. The more personal your story is, the greater impact it will have.
  3. Every new team member should have a goal to hit the first achievement rank within 30 to 60 days. Explain the first achievement rank and let the member know the sky is the limit, but for now, the focus is to achieve that rank.

If you and every member of your team do these three things to get people started effectively, I promise you’ll see a surge of growth in your business. If you want to know more ways to get people started effectively and other proven duplication techniques, I recommend you start with my Free Foundations of Duplication MindMap.

Free Foundations of Duplication Mindmap

Without duplication, you will keep losing more people than you can bring into your team. This free Foundations of Duplication downloadable mindmap will help you get started creating duplication in your Network Marketing business!

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Getting people started the right way, the first time is crucial to your success and every member of your team. I urge you to include these three things on your Getting Started Checklist if you haven’t already done so. You’ll be glad you did!