The Secret to Eliminating Fear

Secret to Eliminating Fear

What if you could eliminate all fear for the rest of your career in an instant? If you are fearful, may I respectfully say that you are simply misunderstanding the profession you’re in and you’re looking in the wrong direction. It’s not about you. It’s about them—your prospects, your distributors, your customers.

So, here’s how you eliminate fear: make the decision that it is no longer about getting, it is about giving. Marry the perfect process and divorce the result. Your fear is result based, focused on you. Instead, focus on how you are giving to others. Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to serve your fellow man? Wouldn’t you love to be able to give something of greatness to them?

Rather than focusing on the possible results of talking to a new prospect say in your mind, “I wish to give you an opportunity to evaluate information so that you may make a choice that is best for you.” Focus on helping your prospect. If that is truly what you’re doing, what is there to fear? Do not care if they say yes or no to your products as customers or your opportunity as a team member. Care about their choices, and their choice to do what is right for them.

Focus on giving to others, and you won’t have anything to fear. So, go out with a servant’s heart. Allow your prospects to make their own choices based on what is right for them. Your obligation in this profession is to give as many people in the world as possible the opportunity to choose. What could be scary about that?