The Secret to Radical Growth

The Secret to Radical Growth

I am going to share with you something that will help you grow faster and improve in every area of your life, especially business: reading.  And I mean, actually reading books.  Reading what other people have learned and shared.

There’s something about physically reading a book that affects your mind.  All of the distractions of life are turned off, and you focus with a new level of thinking.  Just scrolling through YouTube, Facebook, and those little quotes can only give you so much.  Reading books causes you to become something more than you are, something more than before you started reading.

So, people ask me all the time, “What should I read?”  Of course, you should read everything you can about the Network Marketing profession, but don’t stop there.  What are other lessons you need?  If you need to learn how to sell, read books on selling.  If you want to become a better leader, find some leadership books.

One of the best books that I read are the biographies, the stories of successful people.  You can learn through these successful people by seeing how they achieved what they were able to achieve.  I even read fiction books because not only are they enjoyable but some of my greatest lessons in life came from fiction.  They helped me understand different people and circumstances and create perspective in different areas of my life.

If you read, then many of your excuses are going to be eliminated in the process.  So, start reading.  Start by reading just 5-10 pages of a book a day.  You’re going to learn more from reading than you could possibly imagine from just watching these videos, sitting at events, and being an audience member.

If you’re not reading, you’re growing at maybe 20% of your capacity.  But if you start reading on top of everything else you do, then you can take your results times 5 higher.  Reading is secret to hyper-growth, hyper-development, and to becoming the person that you’re meant to be.  So, start reading.  Immerse yourself in an experience that will change your thinking.