The Thrust Factor

creating a recruiting blitz in network marketing


Some people think the idea of a recruiting blitz is crazy – that you can’t (or even shouldn’t) try to recruit a ton of people in a short amount of time. But if I know one thing, success loves speed. Here’s why a recruiting blitz works.

Picture this…

Imagine I’m a part-time pilot and I’d like to make a short flight – say, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. So I’m on the runway and I’m ready to take off. First step? Give it some throttle!


Since I’m only a part-time pilot, I want to take it easy at first. Let’s say I just give it 10% throttle. Am I going to take off? No! I’m moving, sure…but I’m never going to take off at 10% throttle.

What if I increase the throttle to 60%? I’m moving a little faster now, but I’m still not getting off the ground! Is there something wrong with the plane? The weather? Maybe I just haven’t been trying long enough! If I just give it some more time will I take off at 60% throttle?


If you want to take off, give it 100%!

Here’s the thing. Even if you’re part-time, even if you have small goals, even if you have a small destination you want to reach…you have to give it 100% for a season in order to get off the ground. You need a burst to get you going.

That’s why it doesn’t really work to say, “Oh, I’ll just recruit one person a month and eventually my business will take off.” Did you know that typically less than 3% of the distributors in any company have recruited 10 or more people in their Network Marketing career? If you want to be a part of that 3%, a recruiting blitz will help you get there.

Get airborne, THEN scale it back

So I’m off the ground and flying now. 100% throttle worked great, so why don’t I just keep it there! Know what will happen? The engine will burn out. It isn’t sustainable. Once you’re at the proper altitude, you can pull back the throttle to about 60-65% and coast a little. You’re still giving it some power, but you’re not going to burn yourself out.

Keep in mind that you want to spot recruits who will perform. You don’t want to recruit 20 people just for the sake of saying you did it…you want to fill your team with captains and make your business soar!


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