There Are No More Bad Days

There Are No More Bad Days

Today, I want to teach you how to turn your worst day into your best day. In Network Marketing, we know there are bad days where we deal with rejection, heartache, or disappointment. So, how do you handle those bad days? Let me share with you a story that will help illustrate my point.

Early in my profession, I finally worked up the courage to call someone from my chicken list. This was someone who I really respected. I looked up to him, idolized him, and knew he had an entrepreneurial mind. But I was scared to death to call him. So, I mapped it all out in my head. I had a little script of what I was going to say, and I had this idea of how it was going to go in my head. In my mind, someone else would answer the phone, and I’d ask if my prospect was there. They’d go get him, and he would come on the phone and ask how he could help. I’d then go into my little script.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, he answers on the first ring, and I totally panic. I stumbled through it and couldn’t complete a sentence. Finally, he says, “Eric, stop. I’m not interested. No one in my family will ever be interested. 90 days from today, you will no longer be doing this little project of yours. You will have moved on to other things. Don’t call me at home about business.” And he hung up.

This person that I idolized absolutely crushed me. Has that ever happened to you? It felt like gravity had suddenly multiplied, and then I was face down on the carpet questioning everything. I lay there for maybe ten minutes. That was my worst day.

And here’s how it became my best day—I got mad. I began thinking, who is he? It took guts for me to make that call, and he should have at least had some compassion on me. Someone believed in him when he didn’t believe in himself. He should have done the same for me. So, I got mad. I wrote his name down, underlined it, and I said, “I will not allow him, his opinion of me, his opinion of my decision, be reality. I will not allow that.”

That day became my best day because 90 days later, I did want to quit, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t let him be right. I got mad, and I went to work. That day was important for me, and was probably a better day than if he had said yes and joined my business. That day caused me to take action that I wouldn’t have taken otherwise. It caused me to solidify my decision. So, that worst day became one of the best days of my life because I got mad and decided to not let that person be right.