Think Differently About Rejection

Think Differently About Rejection

You have to reprogram your mind if you want to succeed in Network Marketing. You’ve got to learn to think differently. If you just think the same and expect to get good results inside Network Marketing, you’re not going to see growth. One major concept you need to think differently about is rejection.

When some people get rejected, they are just completely destroyed, they’re wrecked. They think that rejection means you don’t have any value, you’re stupid, you made a bad decision, or you’re not likable. If that’s what rejection means to you, that will create the reality for you.

If you’re going to be involved in Network Marketing, you’ve got to retrain your brain that rejection is just a sorting mechanism for who’s ready and who’s not ready, who’s coin-operated and who’s entrepreneurial, who’s open for business and who’s closed. Unfortunately, people don’t wear a red hat if they’re not ready for your opportunity or a green hat if they are. Instead, they offer you the gift of rejection to let you know where you’re spending time and where you’re not spending good time. That’s all rejection is.

Rejection doesn’t mean you’re not valuable, capable, worthy, likable, etc. All it means is that they’re not ready, they’re coin-operated, or they don’t understand right now. That’s it. So, you have to retrain your mind.

I got to the point where I was proud when somebody gave me a rejection because it differentiated me. I felt courageous for doing what I did, and I felt that they were stuck in the matrix and I wasn’t. If they want to be stuck, let them be stuck. But if you let rejection define you in a negative way, you will create a future for you and fears in you that aren’t real.