Thoughts on Prince, Artistry, and Legacy


In this week’s show Eric Worre touches our hearts and issues a personal challenge that all of us can relate with. Last week we lost a musical icon and one of Eric’s true heroes in the music profession by the name of Prince. Eric was a true fan not only because Prince was such a multi-talented artist, but also because he was so prolific at his craft and the enormous legacy that he created thorugh music, film, and philanthropy. Prince’s passing, not only had an emotional impact on Eric, but also made him take stock of his own legacy and where he is professionally.

As Eric explains further, he has written a #1 best-selling book, created a learning community of 1 million plus people who are dedicated to becoming Network Marketing professionals, and he is very proud of his accomplishments, but when faced with the reality of it, this is an area that he can improve on. To take his game and his influence to another level when it comes to the level of impact and the level of artistry that he is capable of. Which made Eric feel challenged, and not in a bad way, but in a way to make an even larger impact, and reach and help even more people.

In this 9 minute video, Eric issues all of us the same challenge that he issued himself, and really thing about it, on two levels:

  1. What level of artistry are you applying to your presentation, to your communication, and your training? Are you just really bringing the best that you are capable of or are you just winging it?
  2. How big of an organization, how many lives are you touching and impacting? How many people’s lives are you helping to improve? How many people are you helping to unlock their potential, encouraging them to find the greatness in them?

In Network Marketing the body of work that we do is to Touch Lives. The people that you have an opportunity to connect with and help with your products and services, they are part of your life’s work. They are part of the legacy that you will leave behind when your time is done on this planet. So think about the level of artistry inside of you and what you are leaving behind, and go out there and build your legacy and build your artistry.