31 Tips from Top Entrepreneurs

Eric Worre

Tip 1:

You have to learn to be resourceful for yourself, be an end in yourself, think like an entrepreneur. So, view your obstacles as a gift, a chance to grow, an opportunity to become stronger, wiser, and bolder.

-Eric Worre

Curtis Broome

Tip 2:

What if you could eliminate fear for the rest of your career? If you have had a sense of fear, you are simply looking at the wrong question. It’s not about what you fear, it’s about them. Do you want to be able to give something of greatness to another person? Then you need to make the decision that it is no longer about getting, it is about giving. Marry the perfect process and divorce the result. Your fear is result based, focused on you. Instead, say that you wish to give others the opportunity to evaluate the information and make a choice they believe is right for them. You need to only care about whether they make a choice for them, not whether they say yes or no to you. They are responsible for their choices. Your obligation in this profession is to give as many people in the world as possible the opportunity to choose.

-Curtis Broome

Sir Richard Branson

Tip 3:

A good leader is a listener. Learn from your team, and learn from your customers. Listen. It’s those tiny little things that can make an exceptional company instead of just an average one. And conduct your life in a way that you won’t damage your brand. Running your company in an ethical way is critical.

-Sir Richard Branson

John Addison

Tip 4:

You can control two things in life: your attitude and your activity. Your attitude is affected by your thoughts and who or what you are allowing to control your thinking. So, be careful who you are giving the keys of your brain to. If your thinking is stinky, your team is shrinking. And you have to make sure you are pushing toward the next thing. If you’re big enough for your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough for you. So, keep working, keeping pushing, and keep up that momentum. In business, you’re either building momentum or you’re losing it. The only way to coast is downhill, and so, as the leader, you have to keep building the energy and the enthusiasm. You’ve got to be the cause of your success.

-John Addison

Mel Robbins

Tip 5:

All you need is five seconds to change absolutely anything. In the scheme of life, it’s not the big things, it’s the little things that make a difference. It’s deciding to get up in the morning without hitting the snooze. It’s the courage to pick up that phone and call your next prospect. The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must move in five seconds or your brain will kill it. So, count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and you can change your life and your business.

-Mel Robbins

Jeff Roberti

Tip 6:

There are three things to focus on in this business: going out and meeting other people’s needs, adding meaning to their lives, and your own personal development. You have to feed the mind and keep growing. You can have more in life if you are more in life. And remember, it’s not about the money; it’s about the relationships. It’s about helping other people achieve their goals. So, raise your standards. This is your chance for financial independence, to be involved in something bigger than yourself. There is a hero inside of all of you. Be that hero for someone else.

-Jeff Roberti

Jayne Leach

Tip 7:

My biggest fear when I started in Network Marketing was the word NO. Those two tiny letters can stop someone dead in their tracks. So, I had to learn how to handle the word NO. I eventually realized that it’s not all about me; it’s about connecting to others. I had to build relationships with people and be more caring. I couldn’t stop the conversation at the first NO because it’s not the first conversation that bears the results. It could be many conversations down the line during which you build a relationship. So, don’t worry about the NO in the moment. Take them on a journey, build a relationship, until the NO turns into a YES.

-Jayne Leach

Tony Robbins

Tip 8:

We all come up with a reason for why our life is the way it is, and so we are always looking backwards. You need to take control of your life and stop making excuses. Do you know how fast your life can change? Literally a moment.

-Tony Robbins

Jordan Adler

Tip 9:

Two things make the biggest difference in your business: dream stretching and untethering. Write down your dreams, no matter how impossible you think they are. You don’t need to believe it when you dream it! Sometimes you can have no plan on how to achieve your dream, but don’t let that stop you from dreaming. And the second thing is to untether your team. You can’t keep them tied to you. The most freeing thing I ever learned was the day I realized it is not my job to continuously motivate people or fix their sailboat when they break it. My job is to teach them how to sail and then send them out to sea. Your job is to train your team and then set them to sail.

-Jordan Adler

Donna Johnson

Tip 10:

Success is about mindset and skill, but it is also about intention and doing the right thing in the right way. So, learn from accelerated wisdom; let someone else’s hindsight be your foresight. I like to think of a Circle of Success. Keep things simple, start with you then add more people, keep a current name list, prospect, schedule, present, close, launch, and then duplicate. But most importantly, keep on getting in front of people, keep flying the plane, just keep swimming.

-Donna Johnson

Terje Duesund

Tip 11:

Leadership is about creating a burning passion within you so that when you meet obstacles, you can smash through them. It is all about the passion. But leaders don’t start off as great leaders. Great leaders start off as great followers. Follow the system set by your company and upline; follow it blindly at the beginning until you have the experience to lead. There are four rules to leadership: 1. Lead by example, 2. Leaders are dream builders, 3. Work a system that can be duplicated, and 4. Judge by results and spend time with your high production team members. Remember, you are born a winner. You only need to see the lion heart within you.

-Terje Duesund

Hayley Hobson

Tip 12:

The five qualities of a great leader are confidence, capability, committed, coachable, and good communication. Out of those five, communication is key. You have to communicate expectations, educate, and instill confidence into your team. But your communication needs to come from a place of love. Other people can often misunderstand what we say. We need to be authentic and truthful, but we also need to be kind. You can be exceptional with the skill of communicating with confidence and kindness.

-Hayley Hobson

Eric Worre

Tip 13:

Most people when they first get into Network Marketing are still thinking like an employee. They do what they’re told, don’t overstep, wait for instructions, and let someone supervise them. You’ll make some money that way, but you won’t get wealthy and succeed. Employees work when they’re told. Entrepreneurs work. Entrepreneurs invest their time, money, heart, blood, sweat, and tears knowing that eventually it will pay off. Entrepreneurs create their own structure, their own support. Be an entrepreneur.

-Eric Worre

Tom Chenault

Tip 14:

Network Marketing is all about building relationships. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t have a relationship with your prospects. And having that relationship means you have to let them be them. Don’t jam people into what they don’t want. Find out what they want and give it to them. They want to join your team? Set them up to succeed. They want to just be a customer? Love them for being a customer. Here are your marching orders: fire your brain, and hire your heart. Love like crazy, and then love more.

-Tom Chenault

Calvin Becerra

Tip 15:

This profession is more than the prize, it is about the process. You are always going to be given opportunities to quit. But no matter what happens, you can rebuild again and again. That is the great thing about this business. Keep chasing something—your dream, your goal, your next task. If you respect the process, embrace the journey, finish what you start, and have pride in what you do, you can succeed.

-Calvin Becerra

Sir Richard Branson

Tip 16:

An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea that can improve other people’s lives. You have to be pretty bold to make that step. But more than that, a good entrepreneur tries to find better people than themselves, delegate, and almost put themselves out of a job. Finally, you’re not a true entrepreneur unless you accept that you’re going to fall on your face occasionally. Screw it. Just get on and do it. And have a blast.

-Sir Richard Branson

Gloria Mayfield Banks

Tip 17:

I am tired of the conversation that entitlement is negative because it is not negative. Being entitled means that a person believes they are inherently designed to have the right things. You are entitled. You are inherently deserving. You deserve more out of live, and you are entitled to succeed. Believing you can succeed is important, but knowing is so much more powerful. The knowing creates the expectation. So, know that you are entitled and you can expect success. The opposite of being entitled and inherently deserving is lazy, crazy, or stuck. Failure is not an option. In order to win in this race, failure is not an option. It starts with entitlement and the knowing that you deserve to be at the top.

-Gloria Mayfield Banks

Dr. Gary ‘Skip’ Campbell

Tip 18:

Build your business with urgency. Be competitive with yourself. Go to bed and think “Who is still out-doing me? What can I do better?” Everything you do needs to have a massive amount of urgency to it. So, you’ve got to have just a little bit of fear of missing out. And then turn that into massive action. Whatever it is inside of you that makes you want more, turn that into massive action.

-Dr. Gary ‘Skip’ Campbell

Armand Puyolt

Tip 19:

You need to go out there every single day and kill it. I was told I had six months to live, and so I went out determined to use those six months to create something for my family when I was gone. Project where you want to be six months down the line, and then go out and kill it. Do whatever it is you fear doing now.

-Armand Puyolt

Tony Robbins

Tip 20:

Successful people know that rejection is just that person not being ready. To influence another human being, you must know what already influences them. There are two things to keep in mind: mental emotional state and the blueprint, beliefs, values of how people should be treated. These two things will affect how you approach someone and how someone will be influenced. Your emotional state and beliefs will determine your attractiveness. And likewise, your prospect’s emotion state and beliefs will determine how you influence them. Remember, a breakthrough is a moment in time when everything changes, where the impossible becomes the possible.

-Tony Robbins

Jay Bennett

Tip 21:

There are three basic things you have got to do over and over again to succeed. First, you have to use the products. Be your own best customer. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, how are you going to get other to believe it? So, use your products. Second, talk to people. This business is based on word of mouth advertising, and you get paid for it! Third, use the tools at your disposal. Your company has tools for you to use. Use them. Tools make everything go quicker, faster, and better. You won’t succeed if you don’t utilize the tools given to you.

-Jay Bennett

Adam Green

Tip 22:

I want you to stretch your beliefs about what it possible. You need to take action with the knowledge and skills you’ve earned. If someone else can do it, then it’s obviously not impossible. So many people believe these stories they tell themselves that they’re not capable of achieving or don’t have value. I hope today is the day you have a breakthrough and realize that the story you tell yourself is not true—you have value. You have value, and you can do what others think is impossible.

-Adam Green

Brian Carruthers

Tip 23:

Stop recruiting or selling. Start selling. You need to learn how to ask good questions and listen. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason—because the best recruiters are the best listeners. So, listen to your prospects. Learn what they want and don’t want, and then paint for them a New Vision for their life so they can get what they want. Most people are tuned into their own station called WII FM—What’s In It For Me? You’ve got to tune into their station and listen to them.

-Brian Carruthers

Jeremy Stansfield

Tip 24:

Learn how to react the right way to challenges. When you run into obstacles, are you running away from them? Or are you tackling them head on? We don’t go backwards; we go forwards! So, tackle those obstacles head on because they are only going to make you stronger and stronger in the future.

-Jeremy Stansfield

Cedrick Harris

Tip 25:

Learn to marry the process and divorce the outcome. It’s okay if your prospect says no. All it was is a no. So many of us fail to share this wonderful opportunity because we are afraid to be told no. Don’t be afraid of the outcome, just keep working on the process.

-Cedrick Harris

Alan Pariser

Tip 26:

If you want to have a business that lasts a lifetime, you need to start off by making a decision. Decide exactly what it is that you want to get out of your life and this business. Then, you need to find your emotional leverage, that thing that pushes you through your comfort zone. Use your emotional leverage to compel you to do what you normally would not do! And next, you’ll have to make another decision. What are you willing to give up in order to get it? Success doesn’t come without hard work and sacrifice. If you want to be successful, you have to pay the price. So, choose. You can play now and pay later. Or you can pay now and play later. Either way you are going to pay. And we have an awesome business where we can choose which one we want to do.

-Alan Pariser

Rita Davenport

Tip 27:

This business is hard. You have to have courage, determination, and never give up. Everyone has an invisible sign on them saying “Make me feel important.” So, make them feel important. Show them how Network Marketing can help them achieve their goals. And keep learning. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn. Learn new skills, better old skills, and teach these skills to your distributors. Every mentor should want their mentee to out-do them. Make sure they have the skills to do so.

-Rita Davenport

Tony Robbins

Tip 28:

The number one key to success is sustaining your energy and building it. The person with the most energy, passion, and conviction will eventually influence the next person if there is also respect. If we want to have the quality of life that we want and deserve, we have to train ourselves to be energy rich. One way to do this is through your motions. Emotion is created by motion. So, get moving. Let your motions show your emotions and your energy. Energy is everything. Low energy means low performance. High energy means high performance.

-Tony Robbins

Sir Richard Branson

Tip 29:

Your business is your family. So, embrace the team of people around you. They can help you and hold you up during those difficult times. And give back to them. Do that and they will work harder for you. For example, if you give people complete flexibility in their schedule, they will work incredibly hard to give back to the company in thanks for that flexibility.

-Sir Richard Branson

Mel Robbins

Tip 30:

What’s interesting about life and business is that you’re always going to face set-back. It’s how you react that determines success. Panic is nothing more than worrying that has gotten out of control. The first step is always the hardest, but you can unlock the power in you. Count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Go! Go with confidence and control!

-Mel Robbins

John Addison

Tip 31:

You can know everything there is to know, but if you’re not burning inside, you’re not going to make it. You have to have a why. The how is no good without the why. You can have everything stacked against you, and you can win anyway because you are burning inside. You’ve got to decide that you’re going to go after it. Life starts with decisions. You’ve got to plant your feet and you’ve got to fight. Life is going to give you reasons not to win every day; fight through it. Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

-John Addison

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