Tired of Bothering Your Prospects

Tired of Bothering Your Prospects

A common emotion for people inside Network Marketing is that you feel like you’re bothering people. Well, if you are worried about that, then I have some advice for you.

1. Focus on the prospect and their needs, not your needs.

Don’t focus on you and your need to prospect and recruit. Instead, focus on the value you are bringing your prospect. If it’s all about you, on your need to recruit or sale, that will transfer to your prospects. They’ll feel it’s all about you and not about them, and they won’t be very responsive to that. So, focus on your prospect’s needs, not yours.

2. Get behind your product/service, and understand it’s a gift.

If you are worried about bothering people, that tells me you have a limiting belief about your product or service. If you truly believe that your product or service will help people solve a need, then you won’t be bothering anyone. You are educating the consumer that doesn’t know you have a solution to meet their need. So, understand that your product or service is a gift, and it’s your mission to help fulfill a need.

3. Firmly believe that Network Marketing is a better way.

Again, if you are worried about bothering people with your opportunity, then you don’t firmly believe that Network Marketing is the best option for those with an entrepreneurial bone in their body. Get clear on the value and opportunity inside Network Marketing. Do that, and now you’re not bothering them, but presenting them with an opportunity.

Most people view prospecting as an opportunity for them. They think, “I’m going to go prospect because that’s an opportunity for me to build my team.” But your goal should be to not bother or get something for you, but to educate your prospects on an opportunity as a potential option for them to live a better life. Once you get solid with that, you won’t feel like you’re bothering others anymore.

So, get away from your needs and to your prospects needs. They will feel your certainty, compassion, and excitement for Network Marketing. Get prospecting off of you, it’s not about your expectations. It’s about appreciation and sharing it with other people. You are not here to bother. You are here to bring a gift.