Top Leader Interview with John Sachtouras

Top Leader Interview with John Sachtouras

In this week’s Top Leader Interview, Eric catches up with John Sachtouras, a Greek immigrant who worked up from nothing to being a millionaire after being involved in Network Marketing for 27 years. But don’t think that he became a millionaire overnight. It took several years for him to find his success.

John worked in the touring travel business in Greece with his family. After Greece’s economics became unstable due to terrorists and he lost his father, John made the decision to immigrate to America with the single dream of becoming a millionaire. Determined to do whatever it took to achieve his dream, he worked for several years as a waiter. Such a job didn’t discourage him because it was a way to make a living until he found the solution to becoming a millionaire.

That solution came in 1988 when he was invited by a customer to a Network Marketing event. At first, John didn’t understand it. Network Marketing seemed to be for people who were broke, and he wasn’t broke. But then he heard this quote from John Rockefeller: “I would rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people, rather than 100% of my own effort.” That idea clicked for John, and that day he decided to do whatever it took to become a millionaire in the Network Marketing profession. He loved that Network Marketing was all about serving other people and helping them succeed. Coming from the tourism travel industry, John knew how to serve people and that desire was embedded in him. And so, Network Marketing appealed to him in that way.

Despite John’s determination and passion, he did not succeed in Network Marketing right away. It took him 20 years to start making 6 figures a year. In his first 20 years, he made a total of a little over a half a million, and in the past 7 years, he has made millions. He worked at 16 different companies before he finally found the one that worked best for him. John was never discouraged, though. He viewed all of those years as a learning process. He was getting education, accumulating experience, and getting prepared. He believed in the system and the process. He watched other successful people and knew they weren’t different or more special than him. They simply knew something he did not, and so he worked for 20 years to discover what it was.

What helped John find success was when he found an amazing mentor and company. For the first time, he surrendered himself completely, his ego, his pride, his education, and his education. He told his mentor, he was going to go stupid and follow instructions no matter what. He became a super student, and his ability to follow instructions, pay attention, and take massive action led him to his success.

John leaves with the advice to not push new recruits into your beliefs and mindset. You have to start where they are; discover what they want and need and then build from there. Also, discover exactly what it is you want that makes you happy. Determine that whoever you are, you are very unique, and you have the power to make a change in your life. Don’t allow the circumstance of today stop you from who you can become later on. Keep moving. John believes in you. Believe in yourself.