Top Leader Interview with Terje Duesund

Episode-92-Top Leader Interview with Terje Duesund

Today, Eric sits down with million dollar-earner, Terje Duesund from Norway to talk about some of his secrets to success.

Terje Duesund was 16 when he decided his goal was to join the military and become a marine diver. When he joined three years later, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. The life he had in the military was the best way for him to grow up and become a man. He didn’t just have a job or career, he found his home for many years. He was in the military for close to nine years before he decided to retire and pursue business.

He had a growing family, and he believed being an entrepreneur would be the best way to support his family. Over several years, he established a total of 7 different companies. Five of those companies became profitable and he was able to sell three of them. Then, he was introduced to Network Marketing.

The first thing that drew Terje to Network Marketing was the passive income, that ability to reach a point where you have a steady income month after month. Very few traditional businesses can do that. After 12 years of building traditional businesses, Terje learned that he didn’t own any business, the business owned him.

Another advantage Terje saw in Network Marketing was the low price of entry that meant it was an opportunity you could really offer to anyone you wanted to do business with. Additionally, Network Marketing requires self-development. This puts Network Marketing entrepreneurs above the traditional entrepreneur because instead of just focusing on growing the business, they are also focused on growing themselves.

Terje believes that the reason he has been able to find so much success in Network Marketing is because when he does something, he is all in. Others try to do two or three things at the same time, and it’s not because they believe so much in all three projects but because they need a safety plan. However, Terje climbs the barricade and screams to the world that he is going to do this one thing. When you do that, you can create excitement in those around you and attract others to you.

He also believes that the best way to develop leaders on your team is to lead by example. Leadership is not a position, it is your own personal culture. And so, when you grow as a leader yourself, you show others how to be a good leader. Also, identify potential leaders on your team by their results and their heart.

Finally, Terje leaves us with some final thoughts. He says that the most important sale you’ll make is your sale at home. Do the sale so that your spouse, parents, anyone close to you understands your mission. Even if they don’t get involved, they will be your strength and will cheer you on. He also says he builds his network in three steps: 1. By becoming a professional and learning the skills, 2. Grow your ambition and dream bigger because it’s okay to wish for more, and 3. Develop yourself as a leader.