The Top Leadership Technique For Network Marketing

Network Marketing Pro 2017 -- Episode 22

Do you want to hear the top leadership secret in Network Marketing? Part of finding success in our great profession is developing your leadership skills. There’s one tool that I see top leaders around the world utilize in order to get more action out of the people they’re leading. And here it is: The Assignment!

People crave assignments. They have been trained their whole life to complete assignments. So, a leader will give someone an assignment. A leader will say, “Try this product, then give me a call.” Or “Schedule a group presentation by this time.” Give them an assignment and a deadline.

This is what the best leaders in the world do with everyone they work with. They provide assignments to their leaders by saying, “Here’s what we’re going to do for 30 days. Go do this with your teams.” They give them an assignment.

You can use this tool with your leaders, team, prospects, and especially your brand-new distributors. Your new people are coming in, and they’re looking for guidance. So, give them five things you want them to do in the next seven days. Their anxiety will go down; their encouragement will go up; and they will take action because they have a game plan, they have an assignment.

Get in the mindset of creating assignment for the people you are attempting to lead, and give them a deadline. Then watch what happens. I promise, you will see growth like you’ve never seen before.

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