Trading Expectation for Appreciation

Trading Expectation for Appreciation

In this week’s video, Eric talks about Thanksgiving week. Even if you’re not in the U.S. and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a good time of year to take a look at our lives and give thanks, appreciate the opportunities we have been given, and be grateful for the life we live and the relationships we have.

We have come to live in a world built on expectation where we have all grown to be a little entitled. And no, it’s not just the millennials. Anytime we feel we’ve been inconvenienced in any little way, we can become irritable. The wi-fi is slow or a car waits just one or two seconds before moving at a green light? We become irritable. It’s incredible how quickly we can form expectations that are crazy. We expect instant results, people to take care of us, and to have things handed to us or given us.

What if we let go of expectation and replaced it with appreciation? Instead of expecting our upline to present something to us, we appreciated our upline for what they do. Instead of expecting our friends and family to be something they’re not, we appreciated them for who they are. We appreciated the support given us instead of expecting something else. We appreciated the products and services that we have right now in our companies instead of expecting others. We appreciated the recognition we get right now instead of expecting more.

What if we lived in a state of appreciation, a state of thankfulness, a state of gratitude and thanksgiving? We could let go of our expectations and our entitled attitude, and instead live in a grateful state of being. We could live life grateful for the gifts, the opportunities, the products, the support, the skills, and the friends and family we have.

Learn how to live in a state of gratitude, thanksgiving, and appreciation instead of entitlement. Instead of demanding, expecting, or putting your foot down and saying “What about me?” If we were just grateful and started thinking about others, we would put ourselves in a state of contribution and growth.

So, put yourself in a state of thanksgiving not just this week, but all year round. And watch what happens to your growth, contributions, and state of mind. Replace expectation with appreciation.