Network Marketing Pro Training Materials

2017 Most Powerful Women’s Event Livestream

Each speaker will focus on 1 of the 7 skills necessary to becoming a Network Marketing Professional. Learn how to find prospects, make your presentation, get your new distributors started, promote events, and more!

Formats: Digital Livestreaming Access

Getting Started in Network Marketing

Get the most out of your Network Marketing career with this Getting Started 12 Step Program. If you’ve recruited 5 people or less, this course is for you! Learn from the experts on how to develop a successful business plan and get your first customers & distributors!

Formats: Interactive Virtual Training- Available in English, Italiano, Español

Go Pro – 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional

This book — Go Pro — takes all the experience and knowledge Eric has gained over the past 25 years and boils it down into one easy-to-read volume that you can carry around with you wherever you go. Get the paperback edition today and start on your journey to earning your first million dollars in the network marketing industry.

Formats: Paperback Book, CD Audiobook - Paperback Available in Spanish

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Rise of the Entrepreneur Documentary Film

Rise of the Entrepreneur – The Search for A Better Way is THE definitive documentary film on network marketing. Eric Worre produced and hosts this documentary film, featuring 25 world renowned experts. Use this film with confidence to build your business attracting new prospects. It’s also a great tool to motivate and inspire your downline.To watch the trailer, click here.

Formats: DVD, Digital Download, Pay Per View Rental, Your Own Website for Prospects to Watch

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How to Recruit 20 People in 30 Days

Over five modules I’m going to guide you step by step through the process to recruit 20 people into your business in 30 days.

Formats: Digital Download

Cómo Reclutar a 20 personas en 30 días

Formats: Digital Download

7 Steps To Recruiting Mastery- Free Training Course

Learn Eric's 7 steps to becoming a recruiting master in this 45-minute webinar. It is always free, and you can schedule an on-demand time that works out for you and your team.

Formats: FREE Training Course

7 Pasos Para Convertirte En Una Máquina De Reclutamiento En El Mercadeo En Red

Formats: Seminario de entrenamiento gratuito

The Ultimate Memory Jogger

The Ultimate Memory Jogger: Free network marketing prospecting guide & scripts! Learn how to grow your list, cultivate relationships, and prospect like a Professional with this step-by-step guide! This guide also includes worksheets to help you manage your list by candidate type, and as an added bonus, it also includes the 8-step invitation process and scripts from the Hottest Scripts In MLM booklet that Eric has used for years. Let this workbook guide you on approaching people professionally and also in a way that keeps your relationships alive and flourishing for years to come.

Formats: FREE Digital PDF Download - Available in English and Spanish