Try One More Time

Episode-96-Try One More Time

I believe that our greatest weakness lies in giving up. Too many give up when things don’t work out the way they hoped. But there is so much value and power in trying just one more time. So, my encouragement for you today is to try one more time.

If you struggle to get a prospect to understand your opportunity, try one more time. If you struggle to get someone to try out a product or service as a customer, try one more time. If you struggle to get people at events, to hold home parties, or to get in front of people for presentations, try one more time.

There is value in staying in the game and polishing your skills. Plan what you’re going to do, and then review. Look at how you can do better, and then try one more time. Determine that you are going to share your story, share your product, and share your opportunity one more time. Have that be your philosophy instead of “Hey, I tried once and it didn’t work out.” Try one more time. You will see results happen for you exponentially. Do it one more time.

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