Turn Your Worst Day Into Your Best Day


In this 15-minute video, Eric Worre digs deep into the mindset you need to adopt to be successful in your Network Marketing business and overcome moments of doubt and insecurity. He shares three of his own personal private and profound moments, and the psychological impact they had on him and how he learned to take a deep negative and make it positive…

In the first of the stories that Eric shares, he describes how he was young and first starting out in network marketing and he summoned all of his courage to call on someone he idolized. He had it all mapped out in his head what to say and do, and then when he finally got his moment, he choked on the words he wanted to say, and got his dream crushed by his idol. But rather than have a pity party, he got mad, and he turned that crushing moment into a defining moment of clarity and goal setting.

Eric continues on with sharing more stories of struggling to make ends meet, struggling to find people to talk to, and struggling to feel like he was making good decisions. At one point, Eric describes the aftermath of not paying his bills and having his electricity shut off for 30 days while him and his family had been away for the summer. He tells of the panic of trying to get rotted food out of the house before his wife got home, and the horrid, rancid smell of it…and the self-loathing feeling of failure that he wasn’t a good provider for his family. But rather than wallow in self-doubt, he took that moment to savor that horrid rancid smell of rotting meat, and turn that negative into a positive. He made the mental decision that he would commit that smell to his memory and commit to never feeling like that again and to do what he needed to do for his family. And the next time he felt lazy or procrastinated, he remembered that smell and that moment, and he pushed harder. He dug deeper because he wasn’t going to give up on his dreams. He was going to make then happen and not look for any shortcuts.

In Eric’s third worst to best day, he had pushed and worked harder than ever for a rank advancement. He came close, so close… but not good enough. He was crushed… He remembers being at the company convention and watching others who had qualified go in the door and the despondent feeling he had in that moment. But at that same moment, he realized that he had been operating in amateur mode, and he was Going Pro and taking this business all the way to the top.

We all share similar stories of being rejected, money problems, or not being as advanced in the company as we think we should be, and the moments of doubt we have. The lessons to be learned are vast in this week’s show regardless of your personal situation. Learn from others’ who are doing what you aspire to do and listen closely as Eric explains how to take those moments of self-doubt and insecurity and turn them from the Worst Day to the Best Day.

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