2018 Go Pro Australia


Waiver & Release Form

NO SPONSORING: By checking the box below, I acknowledge that everyone at this event is already in Network Marketing or Direct Sales and is already with a company. I will respect this and do not attempt to recruit. I understand that my time spent at this event is best utilized by learning how to Go Pro and in doing so, I will find that I have time to network with other in my profession. I will not abuse this experience by attempting to recruit. If someone approaches me, and attempts to recruit me, then I will do my best to remind them of this policy and to respect the event and the profession. I understand that if I am more comfortable having a staff member handle this, that I will notify a staff member and they will handle this for me.

NO BRANDING: I further agree and understand that ANY items representing my company branding are not allowed inside or around the Event Center location to include but not limited to: business cards, brochures, flyers, rank pins, clothing, water bottles, accessories, wearable technology, jewelry, books, pens or any other branded item. I understand that Network Marketing Pro respects the pride that I have in my company so they require that this Event Promise be made by each and every participant in order to create the most outstanding and focused Training and Learning environment for myself and for all of the attendees.

PHOTOGRAPHS, AUDIO, VIDEO AND RECORDING: By checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have been informed that I may be photographed and/or recorded on film, and by my attendance to sessions and activities within the Go Pro Australia Event, I grant Network Marketing Pro Inc. irrevocable permission and consent to any and all uses of such film and photographs without my compensation and/or credit. I further understand that no audio or video recording is allowed and to video or audio record Network Marketing Pro Inc event content with the purpose of future use for Training or distribution is a direct violation of copyright laws. I further acknowledge that photos and short videos taken and shared on Social Media platforms are not only okay, but are encouraged!

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