What Is The Biggest Mistake That Network Marketers Are Making?

By Eric Worre

I was reading an amazing article on the changes technology has made in the Network Marketing profession and how it will affect us in the future.

The power of the internet, social media, future trends.

If you take the time to sit down and think about your Network Marketing business right now, what things are growing?  What things are shrinking?  Where do you see people gathering?

Business startups used to be risky and expensive.  Can you imagine telling someone 50 years ago that someday there would be a platform that was broadcast to everyone on the planet on a television screen attached to a phone that does not have a cord?  On that platform, you could launch, test, and advertise a business for little or no cost.  They would have looked at you like you were a crazy person.

However, today we are there and the social platforms available to us are changing the way business is done.

There are trends and shifts emerging on the social platforms themselves.  There is no bigger shift than the one occurring on Facebook right now.  Facebook is moving more and more towards an ultra-specific and custom tailored video channel that is designed to be the most appealing media to its desired viewer.  Specifically, Facebook seems to have a goal in mind.  That goal is to present its users with a TV type channel that only displays videos, ads, and information that interests the user.

How does this affect your Network Marketing business?

There are 3 things you need to make sure you are ready for when Facebook makes this transition.

  1. Have plenty of rich video content ready to go. This means being ready to go LIVE, having inspirational videos, perfect training video, and conduct video interviews with your top team members.
  2. Develop text that will help Facebook find your audience. This means using keywords and phrases in your Facebook messages so that Facebook can show you video to people who express interest in similar ideas.
  3. Start reaching out. Facebook is going to ultimately make it very easy to share your channel with your followers and friends.  Much like we saw YouTube do, Facebook is most likely going to create several pathways by which you can share your Facebook Channel.

I wish I knew when this was going to happen but I don’t.  All I know is we can get ready and be the first to take advantage of the suspected changes ahead.