What’s Your Mindset?

What's Your Mindset

By Eric Worre

The reason many people fail in Network Marketing is because they have the wrong mindset.  Our whole lives we’ve been trained to do as we’re told or else there will be consequences.  Don’t touch the hot stove or you’ll be burned.  Don’t miss curfew or you’ll be grounded.  Don’t forget to study or you’ll fail the test.

Not that this line of thinking is bad, it actually can keep us safe.  But this is not helpful if we want to be successful entrepreneurs.

We’re Taught the Wrong Mindset

Taught an Employee MindsetWe spend over 12 years in education.  That whole time education is teaching us to fit into someone else’s dream.  You get a degree, go into the work force, and you have to do what they tell you.  You’re not allowed to overstep your boundaries, you wait for instructions, and someone will be there to supervise you.  And you do all of this to fulfill someone else’s dream.

Then you join Network Marketing.  And it’s great!  You can work towards your own dream.  No one is telling you what to do, and there won’t be consequences.  So, you don’t take action.  And then you wonder why you’re not succeeding!

You’re not succeeding because you’re still thinking like an employee.  You’re still waiting for someone to come along and tell you what you do.  You sit and wait around for your upline to give you instructions.  You may make some money that way, but you definitely won’t become wealthy.  And then you get mad at your upline, company, or even your product because you’re not meeting your goals.  You’re waiting for the support to come to you.

You have to get out of this employee mindset if you want to succeed in Network Marketing.  You have to think like an entrepreneur.  You have to learn to be resourceful, be an end in yourself.  Entrepreneurs create their own support.  Entrepreneurs create their own structure.  Entrepreneurs face opportunities as a chance for them to flex their muscles.

Employee vs. Entrepreneur Mindset

Don't Wait for SuccessAn employee views their time as a commodity, and they are not willing to risk a lot of it.  Employees enter into a new job and might be willing to risk two weeks.  But if they don’t get paid after those two weeks, then they leave.  They want what they think is security—equal pay for equal work.  They want their money and benefits right away.

Entrepreneurs know they won’t get paid right away.  They accept the fact that they may fail and that they will be underpaid for a period of time.  But entrepreneurs do it anyway.  They are willing to invest their time, money, heart, blood, sweat, and tears knowing that eventually it will pay off.  They know that they will either succeed or they will fail but be stronger and more powerful because of it.  For entrepreneurs, failure does not define them, it is merely a step towards success.

Becoming an entrepreneur means changing your mindset.  Employees work when they’re told to; entrepreneurs work.  Think like an entrepreneur.  Don’t wait for success to come to you.  Go out and make your success.  Entrepreneurs are a different breed of people, and that’s okay because we create value, rescue people from desperate lives, and we are victorious.  So, go find your million-dollar mindset.