When Opportunity Knocks: Talking to Your Prospects

When Opportunity Knocks: Talking to Your Prospects

By Eric Worre

When you’re first starting out, it can be hard to talk to prospects about your Network Marketing opportunity. You don’t know how to bring up the subject. You’re worried about how they will react. And you are still unsure what to say.

You feel like you’re walking up to a stranger’s house, and you’re not entirely sure what will happen after you knock on the door.

There are a few things you can do to prepare for such a situation…

Get Into the Proper Mindset

First of all, you need to remember why you are talking to your prospects. Why do they need to hear about your opportunity? Why do you want to share your opportunity?

A mistake people often make is that they think they have to immediately jump into talking about their opportunity and why their prospect needs to sign up for it. Don’t do that! Your prospect will feel hunted and more often than not, shut you down.

Don't hunt, they farmNetwork Marketing professionals don’t hunt, they farm. They cultivate relationship with their prospects. They get to know their prospects’ likes, dislikes, dreams, problems, and lives. When you become friends with your prospects, you approach the concept of talking about your opportunity differently. You treat it as presenting a friend with something that you think could benefit them. You are focused on your friend.

Instead of trying to get people to sign up for your opportunity so that you can get something, you are trying to help your friend achieve a dream or solve a problem by sharing your opportunity.

Our job as Network Marketers is to educate our prospects about the opportunity, products, and services that we have. Our goal is understanding. We want prospects to understand what it is we do and what we’re offering them.

So, when you talk to your prospects, you should be coming from a place of education. You should be so excited to tell them all about this incredible opportunity inside of Network Marketing that you believe will help them solve their problems or achieve their dreams.

When you come from that mindset, then talking to your prospect is suddenly not so hard. It’s just a conversation between two friends.

Use the Tools at Your Disposal

You don’t need to go into a meeting with nothing but your own wits to get you through. Your company and upline has tools that will help you explain your opportunity.

There are brochures, videos, samples, and testimonials that you can bring with you to show to your prospects. You can schedule a call with someone from your upline, or you can plan to bring your prospect to an organized presentation.

These tools are there to help you educate your prospects on your opportunity, products, and services. So, you don’t have to have all the answers when you go in to talk to your prospects. And you don’t have to feel like you have nothing to support your claims. Your prospects will have questions, and these tools can help answer those questions.

You don’t have to be afraid to knock on the door and talk to your prospects about your Network Marketing opportunity. You have the tools necessary to educate them, and you are speaking to them as a friend who is there to help. What’s so scary about that? So, just knock on their door.