When Others Succeed…And You Don’t

Episode-87-When Others Succeed...And You Don't

Do you ever get discouraged by other people’s success in Network Marketing? I know I did. It was always so frustrating when you feel like you’re working hard and then you watch someone else succeed who doesn’t appear to be working at all. You start thinking that maybe they have contacts or some sort of natural ability that you don’t have. And this comparing situation can be really discouraging.

For example, so many of you are comparing your success on social media to other people on your team or company. When you put up a post, you get nothing. When you try to engage with people, you get resistance. But others are just signing people up and making it look easy. And it gets frustrating.

Let me share the three things I did to combat this comparing anxiety that will help you.

1. I stopped comparing myself to others, and started comparing with myself.

I decided that I couldn’t compare myself to somebody else’s life experiences. All I can do is compare against myself and improve myself every single day. That mindset took the pressure from being outer directed to being inner directed.

2. Instead of worrying about others, worry more about getting better.

Jim Rohn taught me this idea. Instead of concerning myself with what other people are doing, I worry about my skills, understanding, mindset, strategy, and learning. I don’t get mad, I get better. I don’t get upset, I get better. I don’t compare, I get better.

3. I practiced.

I didn’t just compare against myself and work on getting better, I put my skills into practice. I decided that I was going to not just think about it, I was going to take action. If I stayed in motion when other people slowed down, then I was going to be able to get momentum, traction, and progress.

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