When People Ask “How Much Are You Making?”

When People Ask How Much Are You Making

By Eric Worre

What do you say to a prospect when they ask “How much are you making in Network Marketing?”

That is a question that often strikes fear into the hearts of most people, especially if they are just starting out or haven’t hit their stride yet.

You can respond by telling other people’s stories in the profession. There are people in your company who have already reached the top, and you can tell their story.

But there is one response that I first heard from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter that I believe is the best…

“I don’t know yet. I’m still earning money from the efforts that I did at the very beginning.”

That is the great thing about what we do inside of Network Marketing. You do one thing, and then get paid for a long time on it.

Some of the people that you talk to in your 1st month may get involved and may turn into millions, thousands, or hundreds of dollars.

So, when a prospect asks you how much you make, you can say truthfully, “I don’t know. I’m still making it and growing.”

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