Where’s Waldo? Finding the Leaders

Where's Waldo Finding the Leaders

By Eric Worre

As a leader, you are constantly searching for more leaders to help you grow a large network. After all, the key to being able to grow a large network is to create leaders in your team who are big recruiters. You can’t be the only person recruiting new distributors. You need leaders who recruit, train new distributors, and are independent of you. So, where do you find these leaders?

The Search for Leaders

The mistake people often make is that they think they have to search the world and prospect only those people that they know are powerful leaders. They search for the one person in the crowd who could be the next superstar. Those prospects would make excellent additions to your team, but they are also extremely hard to find. It’s like trying to find Waldo in those Where’s Waldo games.

You'll Find LeadersIn the meantime, you’re completely ignoring all of these other prospects who all have the potential to be great leaders, but you won’t give them the time of day!

Look at all of your prospects as having the potential to be leaders, and you’ll find leaders. You see, you don’t prospect and recruit only those people who are leaders right now. Recruit everyone you can who has an entrepreneurial bone in their body. And then search for leaders in your team.

You Grow Leaders

Some of your distributors may have never had the opportunity to try to be a leader before they joined Network Marketing. And so, they won’t portray leadership skills when they first join. But if you give them the chance to step up and become a leader, you may be surprised. People who you thought would only ever be customer could end up being your biggest recruiter. Or that one person who you were sure would become a superstar ends up dropping out of the business in six months.

If you treat all of your recruits as people who have the potential to be a great leader, you will create leaders. Some people just need someone to believe in them and give them a little encouragement. With that, they can work hard, take initiative, and grow into becoming a strong leader. But the trick is that you can’t force anyone to become a leader.

Work with the Willing

Just like you can’t force your prospects to make the decision to join your opportunity, you can’t make someone become a leader. You can offer training and assistance to help them learn the skills and become a leader. But they have to step up and take action. They have to decide to become independent and take charge of their business.

Work with the willing. Work with those on your team who do step up, and help them gain the necessary skills to become a top leader. If a person decides not to become a leader, that’s okay. Let them be where they want to be. But for those who do want to grow and put in the work, support them and help them when you can. For those are the people who will become something.