Which Way Are You Running?

Episode-97-Which Way Are You Running?

Today, Jeremy Stansfield shares his take on how to approach obstacles.

He says that when he started in Network Marketing, he wasn’t very good at prospecting. But he had that one friend that he was just sure would get on board with him. He just knew his friend would be perfect. But Jeremy’s friend wasn’t excited about the opportunity. He wanted to tear down the opportunity, gave negative feedback, and tried to talk Jeremy out of the opportunity. That hurt to hear. But Jeremy kept working with his friend, and eventually he got him to sign up.

So, do you think that by telling him it wouldn’t work, did that motivate Jeremy to go out and work his business stronger, or did it make him walk away?

When you get resistance, when you have those obstacles, are you running away from it, or are you tackling it head on? Obstacles and challenges are not going to go away. Don’t think that just because you become a top earner or a 7-figure earner that life is going to be easy like a box of chocolates. Money doesn’t solve any problems. But you can learn how to overcome obstacles and be strong. You can learn how to react the right way to challenges, rejection, and people telling you that you can’t do it.

For a long time, Jeremy’s upline were the only people who believed in him. And sometimes, you just need someone to believe in you in order to keep going. But then his upline wasn’t there. They left and they threatened to either go with them or they were taking his team.

You see, we all have obstacles to overcome. And if you haven’t yet, you’re going to get some. But it’s how you react to them that will affect what happens. So, when his upline left, Jeremy was able to say, “You don’ know me. You just try to come after my team, and see what happens. It’ll just make me come back even stronger.”

What breaks you down will just make you stronger and stronger in the future.