With a Menu of Reasons

With A Menu of Reasons

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought about quitting your Network Marketing business? You got so discouraged that you just thought this wasn’t for you anymore. And if you’ve never thought that, keep listening because everyone that has ever been involved in this profession has had those days, and you will too.

All entrepreneurs deal with issues of self-doubt, challenge, difficulty, and struggle. And there are many things that could go through your mind. You might think that this isn’t for you, other people are made for this and not me, you don’t have the discipline, you should be realistic, you’re not a good enough leader, the product isn’t valuable enough, the compensation plan isn’t good enough, etc. Maybe you missed a rank, fell on your face, or drove all the way across the country and nobody showed up for a meeting. The list of reasons to check out and walk away is so long.

There’s a whole menu of reasons you can choose from to quit. And no one will blame you. If your decision to quit makes you feel better, then explain it to the world and move on with your life.

There will always be a reason to quit. But if your dream is strong enough, there will always be a reason to stay. Maybe you know that product or service is going to have an impact on the world, and you can’t let that go. Or maybe you want to rescue people from desperate lives, to continue giving to the causes that are important to you, to see the fire light up in the eyes of somebody you helped. You have a sense of pride because you persevered, did something, went to battle, and stood for something. Going through the challenges is more valuable, in my opinion, than living with regrets.

Understand that challenges are what make something of you. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I agree. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It hurts! But you are stronger because of it. It is because of the struggles I faced ever since I got involved in Network Marketing that I became the person that I am today. Without the struggle, if it had been easy every single day, I wouldn’t have become much. I would have been an immature, idiot running around with money instead of somebody who has learned, grown, and expanded.

Even though I had those days where I wanted to quit, I found a reason to stay, keep going, work through my fears, and conquered the struggle. So, if you are having a particularly bad day, remember that there is always a reason to quit, but there is also a reason to stay. Network Marketing isn’t perfect, but it’s better. And the struggle is worth it.