Work is Not a Four Letter Word

Work is Not a Four Letter Word

In this week’s show, Eric Worre dispels the negative connotation of the word WORK and teaches us to re-frame how we (as entrepreneurs) think about work.

As Eric tells us, and most of us already understand this – for most people in the world, work is just another four-letter word that people want to get over with. Their goal is to retire so they don’t have to work. That’s what they’ve been trained to think. “Just do the work so then you can have the fun.”

Entrepreneurs think different, so if want to be an entrepreneur, whether in network marketing or any place on earth, Eric suggests that you re-frame how you think about work. If you think work is negative, you’re going to try and get away from it. But entrepreneurs (like Eric and other million dollar earners) look at work as an opportunity to be able to live their purpose, to be able to contribute to the world, to be able to grow. They look at work with excitement and enthusiasm. The average employee-minded person works so they can rest. They work all year so they can go on vacation. The entrepreneur rests long enough to be able to go back to work, and their work is their joy, their work is their pleasure, their work is their passion.

In conclusion, Eric tells us that if you want to be an entrepreneur, and if you’re wondering why you’re not ready to break through; then you probably haven’t changed the way you think about work. Remember, work is not a four-letter word.