Work With the Willing


Do you have a close friend or family member who either hasn’t joined Network Marketing or has joined but never really does anything? You get so frustrated with that person because you know that they have so much potential. They know a lot of people, have natural skills, etc. If they would just dive in, they would do so well. You feel like you’re letting them down, and you try everything to encourage them, kick them in the butt, or flatter them. But they never quite do it.

What do you do when you run into that?

What I finally learned is that you can’t make people be successful. You can’t make people face their fears or get passed their ego. You can’t force a breakthrough on someone else.

Some of the best advice I got was don’t fall in love with potential. Don’t become obsessed with only those people who you think have so much potential, but don’t take you up on your offer. I would rather have somebody who’s unemployed, doesn’t know anybody, has had a rough life, but really want it and are hungry than someone who knows everybody and has natural ability but doesn’t want to take action. It’s that hunger and desire to go after it that is what will really determine who will do well more than potential.

You can’t force hunger on someone. You can’t force desire and ambition. I still have people in my life that I think would do great in Network Marketing, but they don’t do it. So, I’ve learned to let them go. And you need to do the same. Don’t fall in love with somebody’s potential. Love them where they are without judgement, criticism, or aggression. And let them be where they are.

Instead, work with the willing. Work with the people you don’t have to push all the time, they call you, they show up to the events, and they use the products. There are so many willing people in the world. Work with them regardless of how much potential them seem to have or not have. Potential is cheap and common. Here’s what’s unique: hunger, ambition, willingness to work, willingness to face fear, willingness to be uncomfortable. Work with those people instead of all the potential in the world. Work with the willing.