You Are An Educator

You Are An Educator

Would you be surprised to hear that you are an educator because you’re involved in Network Marketing? You are in the education business. We educate people to the point that they understand what it is that we have to offer whether it is the opportunity, product, or service.

Education is the fundamental element in what we do because we can do it better than anyone else on earth. After all, what works better than word of mouth advertising? Would you be more likely to see a movie recommended by a friend or by an online ad? Are you going to listen to someone whom you’ve built trust and a relationship with or a stranger?

Now, since we are in the education business, our job is to educate ignorant people. I don’t mean unintelligent people, but people who are unaware of the value we have to offer with our products and opportunity. We educate them so that they come to understand the value.

A lot of people in Network Marketing are out there trying to get something. They act like they are hunting or fishing. But we are more like farmers where we plant the seed and develop the relationship. Through education and understanding, we then help a person determine in Network Marketing or our product and service is a fit for them.

So, instead of trying to get the next prospect or customer, look to educate them so that they get it. Don’t use a bunch of high pressure techniques like “Get it now!” or “Get it quick!” Timing might be an element of education, but it’s not the only piece. We don’t want to appeal to greed. We want to appeal to value.
Education and understanding are the centerpiece of Network Marketing. We educate ignorant people so they’re not ignorant anymore. We help blind people see.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to help those people, it’s like trying to save someone who’s drowning. They might fight you and punch you in the face while you’re trying to save them. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to educate ignorant people or to help blind people see. And it’s not easy to teach others to do the same. But because it’s challenging, companies pay you a lot of money.

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world educate the ignorant. So, I want you to consider yourself an educator. Do that, and signing up customers or building a team of distributors will be no problem.